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FS98/2000 Boeing Condor 757-200 This aircraft is developed for FS2000, but is also working under FS98, but there are some graphic-faults at the engines. Instead of night light effects this aircraft has moving parts: Real rotating fanblades, highspeed ailerons, landing gear and baydoors and flaps, designed in two parts. Holger Ellerbrock. 70K
FS2000 United Nations Medivac B737-400 This is repaint of the default B737-400. The UN Medivac is a fictional aircraft used to fly releif efforts in places that need it most. Medical airlifts and space available travel are authorized for this aircraft. Medivac aircraft are specially modified to transport patients and medical supplies. By B52AR. 47K
FS98/2000 Boeing 757-300 Arkia Israeli Airlines Arkia is the second carrier to introduce the new streched variant of the 757. Aircraft by B.Alderson and J.Cruz-Bello. Repaint,Fs2000 update and MP by Thomas Gierse. 87K

FS 2000 Philippine Airlines Douglas DC10-30 A Douglas DC10-30 painted in old Philippine Airlines livery for FS2000 ONLY. Features 12 Sided fuselage, transparent windows, & full moving parts. Very nice flight characteristics. Re-paint & Flight model by: Manny Osias 15 Mar 2000. Based on the Freeware Works Gold Collection DC-10. 131K



FS2000 BOEING 777-200 32 SIDED FUSELAGE. CONTINENTAL.Fuselage and engines made of a 32 side circle.Features 3D ENGINES!3d ailerons,3d flaps 3d textured landing gear.Moving parts:landing gear,rotating fan,spoilers,flaps,ailerons.Wing design and motion highly detailed.Flaps move as in real life.Landing lights.This aircraft is much more detailed than FS98 version. By Sandro Bernardini. 94K
FS2000 United Airlines Boeing 777-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new lighting textures including the engine nacelles and moving parts. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 184K

FS2000 United Airlines B747-400 ver. 5 caUA7474.zip. Stunning details with maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures, AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines, transparent cockpit windows, lighted at night. Special designed General Electric CF6 turbofan engines, 3D wheels with realistic rims. From Bill Alderson's B747-400 ver. 5.0 original. The package includes a digital picture from the first class cabin. By Chris Alevritis. 224K
FS2000 American Boeing 777-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new lighting textures including the engine nacelles and full moving parts. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 195K

FS2K Korean Air A330-223 & -322 Korean Air has 3 A330-223s and 5 A330-322s. A330s are used on Domestic(especially Seoul-Pusan) and International lines. It has very high detailed textures,12 sided fuselage and engines,moving parts(ailerons,flaps,spoilers,landind gears and doors),transparent cockpit windows,3D engine intake and rotating fan. Repainted by Yunjin Lee Original by Yannic Cathalina. 368K
FS2000 desfault Boeing 737 Transbrazil textures.Transbrasil is the only operator in Brazil to use the B737-400. The files include the texture and aircraft configurations file for the original B737-400 provided with FS2000. By Ricardo Gerassi Ramos. 90K

FS2000 - Pan Am Boeing 747-400 "Clipper Nautilus" N4703U (Fictious), in honour of a great airline of the past , version 1.0. By Frank Di Candia.You can see from the inside of cockpit, wings and engines. This aircraft is a high detailed version and true rendition of a Boeing 747-400. More than 1,000 parts are highly visible, AF99 circle, transparent cockpit windows, great flight dynamics for FS2000. With moving parts. 343K

Tower Air Cargo 747-200F v1.0 From Bill Alderson original. For FS2000 only. Full AF99 textures. Author: Esa Kaihlanen. 203K