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FS2000 United Airlines B747-400 Aircraft has full night lights. Painted by GERAIN Rémy. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. 319K

FS2000 SOUTHWEST Boeing 737-4H4 32 side fuselage N609SW "California One". Fuselage and engines are made with a 32 side section which gives them a real round shape. Engines have 3D air intake and animated fan blades. 3D Illuminated tail logo, landing light "splash" on fuselage and illuminated cabin windows. Wings design highly detailed and you can see them from inside the airplane too. 3D textured flaps move as in real life, in fact they rotate and slide backwards, including moving flap hinge fairings.Moving outboard and inboard textured slats, 3D moving textured ailerons, moving textured spoilers, 3D moving elevators, 3D moving textured rudder, 3D moving landing gear,also textured, turning nosewheel and full moving gear doors. Smoke system for contrail effect. Repainted by Apichart Owcharoenporn From Sandro Bernardini original. 526K
Airbus 330-200 AIR AFRIQUE This aircraft will be delivered in october to the real compagny!!!! Original by Camille Valiquette Repainted by GERAIN REMY. 199K

FS2000 CL-65 CRJ200ER Atlantic South East Airlines This aircraft has very realistic texures as well as texturized flight deck. It also has moving flaps, gear, spoilers, landing gear, and fan blades. The panel is in the general layout of the CRJ, and uses default FS2000 gauges. Panel/Modifications/Repaint/Dynamics By: Phillip Robbins Made from Bill Alderson's crjfs2k. 368K

BOEING 747-200 CORSAIR FS2000 aircraft with moving flaps, nightlight..... ORIGINAL BY Bill Alderson Repaint job by GERAIN REMY. 218K



FS2000 Airbus A340-200 G-VSEA Virgin Atlantic. Features: Fully animated model inc. engins fans, rudder, ailerons, elevators, gear, fowler flaps, steering nose wheel, spoilers and more. Night lighting effects.All windows transparent cockpit and cabin. Glowing lights. FS2000 flight dynamics. Too much to list. All work by: David Garrood. 487K (one of the best ever. Simv). See texture update below

Texture Update V1 for JETLINER YOKE CONTEST AIRPLANE FS2000 Airbus A340-200. Two newliveries of Air Canada and Air France. Requires the feature packed A340JYC.zip (above). All work by: David Garrood 793K

Federal Express DC-10-30 (old colors), Registration N312FE. This Is An Improved DC-10-30 with many new features such as: Steerable Landing Gear, Moving Flaps, Rudders, Ailerons,Elevators, Landing Gear. For The Best Preformance Use This Aircraft In FS2000. Designed by: Aziz R. Palas Textures by :Mike Wallace. 128K


FS2000 Beechjet 400A. Contains 20-sided structures, 512x512 BMP textures and full moving parts, including rotating fans. Also includes a custom fully night-lit panel with thrust reverse indicators and an alternate GPS gauge. For hi-res interior views, download BJTINT.ZIP. FSC file included for FSDS users. By Chuck Dome. 885K


FS2000 Korean Air Airbus A330-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new night lighting textures for the fuselage and tail with exclusive lighthen engine nacelles. Full moving parts including 3D engines with moving fans. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 273K

FS98/FS2000 Delta Airlines Boeing 727-232 Advanced Features 12-sided fuselage, moving parts, accurate color scheme, customer-correct window layout, and working lights. Registration N523DA. Visual model by Bill Alderson, reworking and paint by Bruce Bridges, flight dynamics by Christine Derksen. 105K