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Civil Jets Page 39
FS2000 Boeing 747-400 30 sided fuselage Virgin Atlantic 747-400 G-VXLG. Fuselage and engines are made with a 30 side polygon which gives them a real round shape. Features 3D air intake, animated fan blades, illuminated tail logo, landing light "splash" on fuselage, illuminated cabin windows, detailed wings, 3D flaps move as in real life (rotate and slide backwards), 3D moving ailerons, moving spoilers, moving elevators, 3D moving rudder, 3D moving landing gear, turning nose wheel and moving gear doors. Features high res textures w/shiny appearance. From Sandro Bernardini original. Textures by Thomas Anderson. 703K

Fs2000 China Airlines 747-400 Features new lighting textures including 16 million colors. Model also has moving gear, Flaps. This plane is only for FS2000. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Mods by: Erik Ellis Repaint by: Jung-Yu Li. 487K

FS2000 Concorde repaint & revised panel. New red concorde in sterling red Qantas colors. New main panel bitmap that gives a more real view of sitting in that captains seat and more readable autopilot.For FS2000 only!Panel and repaint by Cecil Mancusso. 261K

FS2000 Learjet 31A. Features 36-sided structures, 512x512 BMP textures and full moving parts, including recessed, rotating fans. FSC file included for FSDS users. By Chuck Dome. 183K
FS2000 Boeing 747-400 British Airways in "Colum" livery This aircraft is for FS2000 only. It has swichtable night light in 3 steps, full moving parts like ailerons, elevators, flaps, rotating fan, rudder and spoilers. The aircraft is designed with textures on the wings including the flaps, ailerons and spoilers, on the elevators and on the rudder too. All textures are made in true color and a resolution of 512x512 pixel. A rework was although made on the airfile to give you the real fuelconsumption. This aircraft uses the maximum detail of AF99 made aircrafts. Model by Frank di Candia and Holger Ellerbrock of the IADG, textures, animation and night light by Holger Ellerbrock. 829K

FS2000 Boeing 777-200 Cathay Pacific 32 sided fuselage. This is a Re-Paint of Sandro Bernardini's Boeing777-200 32 sided fuselage. It has real round shape Fuselage and engines ,and night light effects and many movingparts. Real Cathay Pacific color.Also this is a part of my "777 of the World (Except American Airlines)" project. Model By Sandro Bernardini. Paintworks by Hiroshi Igami. 266K

FS2000 Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300 (ProMaxLT) Features new night lighting textures for the fuselage and tail with exclusive lighthen engine nacelles. Full moving parts including 3D engines with moving fans. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 187K

FS2000 Airbus A300-600 (ST) Airbus A3XX-200 SUPER TRANSPORTER. BELUGA (Super Guppy) - the largest cargo carrier in the world. A unique & superbly created jet for FS2000. Simv. By OMC'99 498K . Alternative air file

FS2000 Airbus A380-200 (UPDATE) or Airbus A3XX-200 HOUSE COLORS. The world's largest commercial jet, to be produced over the next few years. Includes superb 3d effects, night lighting, etc. By OMC'99. 708K (without doubt the very best A3XX ever created. Simv)
ALASKA AIR Boeing 757-200. This jet has all animated surfaces 16 sided fuselage, rotating fans, flaps, gear, 3d engine inlets, night lighting, and more...... Designed by the project freeware group repainted in the colours of Alaska air & night lighting effects by MARK HARRISON. 432K