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Civil Jets Page 43

FS2000 KLM Boeing 757 package. com757a.zip Package contains everything you need,including the fully animated KLM 757 model repainted by Doeke Bakker, and the 757 panel by Olav Roenningen (FPDA). Compiled by Steve Amsden. 1.1MB

DC-9 -30 Nueva Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela for FS2000. This is one of the aircraft that flies from Venezuela to South and North America. Aeropostal was purchased A320 and A300 for intrnational flights. This aircraft was painted by Edgar Irigoyen from the original design of Edgar irigoyen. The moving part include rotating fans, Full control surfaces, full landing gears (including Bay doors and steering). DC-9 Virtual Cockpit added. 324K

Southwest 737_700. Real round body & engines. Model: Sandro Bernardini (repaint)back panel view introduction: Saulo Júnior. 1.5MB
FS98/FS2000 Lufthansa 747-230B Lufthansa received it's first 747 -200B on May 5, 1971. D-ABYD was named "Baden-Wurrtemburg" It was later leased to Korean Airlines as HL7440 in 1980. FDE by Alessandro Dallago. Model by Bill Alderson. Paint by Chris Shelly

FS2000 Corsair (new colors) Airbus A330-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new night lighting textures for the fuselage and tail with exclusive lighthen engine nacelles. Full moving parts including 3D engines with moving fans. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 152K


Aeroflot Antonov An-22 "Antei" Version 2.0 The Antonov An-22 is the biggest turboprop plane ever build in serieproduction. In total 68 were build, the first one made it's maiden flight in 1965. It has four turboprop engines which drive large contra-rotating propellers, each with a diameter of 6 meters (20 feet). The An-22 set a number of world records, including no fewer than 14 payload-to-height marks on one occasion in 1967. Some of the planes are still in service until present day, including ones which fly for western heavylift companies. Flightsim version is designed up to the limit of AF99/AA, almost 1000 parts, 12 sided main fuselage, detailed and accurate textures (incl. nightlighting effects), accurate flightmodel, moving contra- rotation props, moving flaps. Designed by Marcel Ritzem.

FS2000 version 138K

FS2000 Boeing 747-329SCD Sabena (OO-SGC) Yannic Cathalina's wonderfull Boeing 747-400, in the colors of Sabena. This represents Sabena's LAST 747, she left the fleet on October 31st 1999. Note that this is an 747-400 where the real one is 747-300!! 152K

LAPA 737-200(Lineas Aereas Privadas Argentinas). Registration LV-WRZ. 24 bits colors!. Completely detailed with transparent cockpit window, full moving parts, moving landing gear, moving fan blades, 3D engines, moving flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons and air brakes, photorealistic day and night lighted textures. Repainted by Ariel Sperber. 462K

FS98/FS2000 Tower Air B747-412 Tower Air Boeing 747-412 registration N744FF REAL ROUND BODY with moving parts:landing gear, high speed aileron,spoilers and flaps. Flaps are made each one of three sections as in real life and slide backward (not only rotate).You can see the movement from inside the airplane too!!. Night lights effects From Sandro Bernardini original. Repainted by Apichart Owcharoenporn. 194K

FS2000 Delta AirLines Boeing 737-800 This is Delta's 737-800 in the old-new livery. Fuselage and engines are made with a 32 side section which gives them a real round shape. Featuring animated engines, fullmoving parts, correctly moving flaps (backwards sliding), Fs2000 style night lighting, highly detailed and designed wings, full moving gear doors and turning nose wheel. Original by Sandro Bernardini. Textures by Steve Gryskiewicz. 477K

Patch: FS2000 Delta AirLines Boeing 737-800 Patch (needs B738DL.zip). This patch fixes the problem which occured when switching on the lights. The airline name was written as Delta Airlines instead of Delta AirLines, this minor problem has now been fixed. By Steve Gryskiewicz. 85K

FS2000 Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-300 (ProMaxLT) Features new night lighting textures for the fuselage and tail with exclusive lighthen engine nacelles. Full moving parts including 3D engines with moving fans. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 156K