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FS2000 United B737-422 United Airlines Boeing 737-422 registration N444UA with 32-sided fuselage and photoreal textures. Engines have 3D air intake and animated fan blades. 3D Illuminated tail logo, landing light "splash" on fuselage and illuminated cabin windows. Highly detailed wings with 3D textured flaps, including moving flap hinge flairings. Moving outboard and inboard textured slats, 3D moving textured ailerons, spoilers, elevators, rudder, landing gear, turning nosewheel and full moving gear doors. Smoke system for contrail effect. Repainted by Apichart Owcharoenporn From Sandro Bernardini original. 593K

FS2000PRO Airbus A310-300 Lufthansa. Original new aircraft designed with FS Design Studio. Full 3d textures, all moving parts, transparent cockpit, etc. By OMC'99. 722K

FS2000 Delta new colors Boeing 767-400ER (ProMaxL2) ProMaxLT Ver.2, features new textures showing passenger windows reflecting on the wings at night and and touch up flaps. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 161K
FS2000 Ansett A320"Sydney 2000" VH-HYB. The A320 is used as a domestic carrier mostly between the main cities in Australia. This model is a re-paintof Andrew Richards Cypress A320 in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games scheme.This aircraft features fully moving/animated landing gear, flaps, elevators, ailerons,airbrakes, moving fan blades, 3D engines and realistic night lighting. Mods by Marios Anastasiou. Ansett "Sydney 2000" textures by Alastair King. 1.2MB

FS2000 National Airlines Douglas DC-8 Super 61 version 2 Includes fix for faulty nght-lit nose texture 12pt rounded fuselage and engines, moving parts such as fans, gear, gear doors and all control surfaces. Also features new night illumination effects for the cabin windows. Original FSFS model by Kim Simmelink. AF99 mod's, night lighting, moving parts by Dee Waldron. National Airlines paint by Michael Verlin. 354K

FS2000 Boeing 767-319 Air New Zealand This aircraft features several moving parts such as rudder, elevators, ailerons, realistic flaps and landing gear motion. Spinning engine fans and the smoke system to simulate contrails. It also has speed brakes and in addition to the auto speed brakes the jet engine nacelle moves back simulating what happens when reverse thrust is applied. Also features high resolution textures 512X512 pixels. Original by William Shedd. Repaint by Peter Lohr. 302K

FS2000 Gulfstream V. Revised version of the superb FSDS designed aircraft with new airfile (handling) by Roy Hahmann. Contains super 3d textures, rotating fans, full moving parts, transparent cockpit, etc. By OMC'99. 572K

FS2000 Northwest Airlines B727-200 This is a repaint in Northwest's colors. Features full moving parts and full precision design: rudder, elevators, ailerons, flaps, slats, Krueger flaps, spoilers, landing gear, undercarriage open-close sequence, landing lights, steerable nose wheel, tail skid, 12 sided fuselage and engine design, no hushkitted engines, transparent windshield, and much more. Original by Everardo Diaz. Textures by Enrique & Ernesto Vega. 202K

FS2000 Dassault Falcon 100 executive jet. Features full moving parts, a custom night-lit panel and custom interior. Includes the FSC file for FSDS users and the MPI and NMP files for Aircraft Animator users. By Chuck Dome. 1MB

FS2000 United Airlines 737-322 Includes 12pt rounded fuselage and engines, fully animated flaps, gear, ailerons, elevators, rudder, landing lights, spinning engine fans, 3-d inlets, smoke system for contrails effect, highly detailed textures and night lighting effects. Original aircraft by Jorge Oppenheimer. Nightlighting modifications by Christoph Klose. Repainted by Shawn Anderson. 1MB