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Civil Jets Page 52
FS2000 Royal Jordanian Airlines Lockheed L1011-500 Reg. JY-AGD This aircraft features 12-sided fuselage, animated landing gear, spoilers and flaps. Original by Kevin Trinkle. Flight dynamics by Sam Chin. Repainted with permission by Mike Wallace. 94K

FS2000 Sri Lankan Airbus A340-300 (ProMaxL2) ProMaxLT Ver.2, features new textures showing passenger windows reflecting on the wings at night and and touch up flaps. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 224K

FS2000 Sri Lankan Airbus A330-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new lighting textures including the 3D engine nacelles and full moving parts and engine fans. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 180K
FS2000 British Airways B777-236 British Airways B777-236 registration G-VIIL with photoreal livery. Fuselage and engines are made with a 32-sided circle, Engines have 3D air intakes and animated fan blades. 3D illuminated tail logo, landing light "splash" on fuselage and illuminated cabin windows. Detailed wings with 3D flaps, moving outboard and inboard slats, ailerons, spoilers, elevators, rudder, landing gear with turning nose wheels and full moving gear doors. Smoke system for contrail effect. New aerodynamics Repainted by Apichart Owcharoenporn From Sandro Bernardini original. 300K

FS2000 Bombardier RJ200-ER AIR NOSTRUM Canadair Regional Jet Aircraft SN: 7320 / Reg_ ID: EC-HEK Rev5 with Max Moving Parts including spinning fans and night textures. Author: Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 156K

FS98/2000 Martinair Boeing 747-200 , transparent canopy but no moving parts. Design, paint and flight dynamics by Martijn van Geldere. 52K

Continental Boeing 707-320b - this model features all moving parts. repainted by Jim Waters. 193K

FS2000 Bombardier RJ200-ER Northwest Jet AirLink "Spirit of Memphis Belle" Operated by Express Airlines 1 Inc. Aircraft SN: 7390 / Reg# N8390A. Ver 5 with MAX Moving Parts including new engines with spinning Fan blades and Night textures, Author: Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 171K

FS98/2000 Canadian Airlines Boeing 737-200's Fin 725 Reg. C-GQCP -217 Fin 761 Reg. C-GNDC -242C Original Livery Features 12 side fuselage, 12 side engines, 16 side wheels, moving ailerons, elevators, spoilers, landing gear. Original model by Jorge Oppenheimer. Modified textures by Antonio Cabaca. Repainted with permission by Kyle Duncan. 177K

FS2000 - Canadian Airlines Boeing B747-475 Fin 883 Reg. C-FBCA GW Grant McConachie More than 1,000 parts are highly visible, new flight dynamics and total re-design for FS2000. With moving parts, new fuselage textures. Original by C.Mosher/R.Randazzo Re-designed by Frank Di Candia. Repainted with permission by Kyle Duncan. 162K