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FS2000 US Airways 737-201 N228US -- Full moving parts aircraft with night lighting and smoke system for contrails effect. 12-sided AF99 AFX. Repaint by Michael J. Fisher of Metrojet 737-200 by Ali Syed and Southwest Airlines 737-200 by Shawn Anderson. Original 737-200Adv visual and flight model by George Openhimer. Distributed with permission.. 608K

FS2000 Cessna CJ2 corporate jet. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts and, because it's certified for single-pilot operation, a single pilot. Also included is a custom, night-lit panel. By Chuck Dome. 672K
FS2000 Antonov AN-124 Soviet four engine heavy transporter. was build for russian air force. today produced by antonov design bureau in kiew. comes with night lighting, full moving parts and realistic textures. By Thomas Ruth. 504K

FS2000 Emirates, Boeing 777-200 (ProMaxL2) ProMaxL2, features all the moving parts and night textures of the ProMaxLT, plus new textures showing passenger windows reflecting on the wings at night and and redesign flaps. Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 284K

Ray's CitaionJet 2 Version 2 Panel (with aircraft) For FS2000 only. By: Ray Pennington, Jim Turner, Chuck Dome and Mitch Gready This is the Version 2 complete package (not just an update) of the original Ray's Citation Jet 2. This package is for those who seek a complete and realistic flight experience including interaction with authentic engine and electrical systems. Although somewhat complex initially, the systems are easily mastered. The panel now boasts manually controlled panel flood lighting, genuine jet engine start panel, a more realistic radio stack, "tuned" flight model, checklists and a FMC (flight management computer). Also included is everything from Version 1 including our version of the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite (made within the limits of FS2k). 5.8MB
FS2000 Boeing 777-200LR VIP CITY OF AUSTIN (N153TX) ProMaxL2 THE LONGER-RANGE 777-200 WILL BE THE LONGEST-RANGE CIVIL AIRPLANE IN THE WORLD. ProMaxLT Ver.2, features new textures showing passenger windows reflecting on the wings at night and and touch up flaps. Design by: Camil Valiquette. Paint by: Salvador González Velasco. 827K

FS2000 AASI Stratocruzer 1250. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts and a custom panel. By Chuck Dome. 553K

FS2000 Stratocruzer fix. An alternative MDL file and a new throttle quadrant gauge for the Stratocruzer 1250 (STCR1250.ZIP). Also includes a new AIR file enabling the autothrottle. By Chuck Dome. 185K

FS2000 Atlantic Skies Boeing 747-400 - Project 747. Atlantic Skies Boeing 747-400 . The Project 747 visual model was built completely from scratch and features a 32-sided fuselage, 64-sided engines and full moving parts. This version (1.8) features textured slats and flaps, a 3D nose gear bay, reworked and textured landing gear and doors, upgraded flight dynamics and more. This aircraft is painted in Atlantic Skies colors and also features night illumination. Visual model designed by Melvin Rafi featuring flight dynamics version 1.11a by Johan Dees and textures by Adam Reynolds. 663K

FS2000 Aircraft Sabena 737-329 registration OO-SDW. Highly detailed textures for Sabena 737-329. Also features fully moving parts and nightlightning. Original Flightmodel. By Jorge Oppenheimer. Repaint by Darren Wilden. 1.9MB

FS2000 Executive Jetways Virtual Airlines MelJet Boeing 747-400--GE Engines. Aircraft by Melvin Rafi Livery by Simon Jamie-Rework by Keith Gorman and Salvador Velasco. 564K