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Civil Jets Page 63

FS2000 ANA, All Nippon Airways, Boeing 777-200ER (ProMaxL3) ProMaxL3, features all the moving parts and night textures of the ProMaxL2, plus a new cockpit night textures. Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 233K
Repaint of the FS2000 default Concorde in the BOAC (pre BA) company livery. By Tom Matthews. 94K

Cavalier Airlines Boeing 727-200 Cavalier Airlines Boeing 727-200 for FS2000 only. Cavalier Airlines' fast, short-range commercial jet, this aircraft includes moving flaps, ailerons, rudder, and horizontal stabilizer. It also features a very nice visual model, night lighting, and high quality textures. Model by Kevin Trinkle. Base textures by Christophe Chevailler. Final textures by Adam Reynolds. 313K
Cavalier Airlines Boeing 737-800 Cavalier Airlines Boeing 737-800 for FS2000. This extremely detailed mid-sized jet features moving ailerons, flaps, spoilers, gear, gear doors, rudder, and elevator. It also includes very detailed, very high resolution textures, as well as night textures and landing lights you can switch on or off. Aircraft by Sandro Bernardini. Painted by Adam Reynolds. 389K

FS2000 United Airlines B777-200 This plane features AF99 12 sided fuselage, 3D engine intakes, full moving parts such as ailerons, flaps, engine fans, slats, steerable nose wheel, spoilers, rudders, elevators and retracting gears & night lightings which also include passenger window light reflections on the wings. Also features Sam Chin's 777-200 FDE. Aircraft designed & painted by Ali Mujtaba. 284K

FS2000 Cavalier Airlines MD-11 This aircraft is painted in Cavalier Airlines colors, and features high res textures, moving gear, transparent cockpit windows, smoke system, night lighting, moving ailerons, rudder, and elevator, and moving flaps. This aircraft is only for FS2000. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Repaint by Adam Reynolds. 639K
FS98/2000 JAX ARTCC (SATCO) Boeing 737-200's Fin 725 Reg. N236JX -217 Center(SATCO) Livery Features 12 side fuselage, 12 side engines, 16 side wheels, moving ailerons, elevators, spoilers, landing gear. Original model by Jorge Oppenheimer. Modified textures by Antonio Cabaca. Repainted with permission by Byron MacRae. 203K

ASTRA SPX + panel. This aircraft workes only with fs2000/2000 pro. The panel includes: GPS, throttle, intergrated radio stuck and an intergrated compass. This panel is also compatible with: Airport 2000 V2, VCP2000 en GPWS 98/2000 and now also startup 2000. Original aircraft by: Igal kaplan, Panel by Frank Elfert. 1.5MB

FedEx Airbus A380-800F for FS2000 I made this repaint of the OMC'99 A380 in Federal Express' colours based on graphics of FedEx's expected paint scheme. As I found the flight dynamics of the OMC'99 model unrealistic, I decided to modify the .air file. The basis for this modification was the .air file from Camil Valiquette's ProMaxL3 A380 model, which feels far more realistic. I think this combination, with the OMC'99 looks and the CamSim feel, is a very nice package. The only thing missing is a suitable flight deck (which I am working on).By: OMC'99 Air file modified by Dirk Veenhuizen Repaint by Dirk Veenhuizen. 1MB

FS2000 USPS Boeing 727-100F painted by Bill Alicea. Transparent cockpit windows, 3D gear bays, night textures with switchable landing lights, tail logo lighting, full moving parts, Redesigned flaps, slats, and Krueger flaps, and very accurate 512*512 textures. FSDS mods by Kevin Trinkle, update by Gary M. Carlson. 777K