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Civil Jets Page 71
FS2000 British Airways Boeing 747-400 (Union Flag). 48-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique) ThrustReverser, Moving flaperon's, spoileron's,aileron's, elevator's, rudder, and fan blade's, Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly detailed) night lighting, flashing beacon's. Transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilot's. Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics by Johan C Dees Tested by Project-Opensky Members Painted by C. Vincent Cho. 1.8MB

FS2000 VIA A330-200 CARGO VIRTUAL Indian Airways' 2nd CARGO aircraft released within a month of its launch. Moving parts include landing gear, flaps & spoilers. Included in a zip file is a photorealistic panel. Designer: Camil Valiquette Repaint by: Karthik Sampath. 1.8MB

FS2000 Project 747 Air Canada Boeing B747-433M Fin 341 Reg. C-GAGL Version 1.8B. This aircraft has been completely built from scratch and features a 32-sided fuselage, 64-sided engines, complete animation of ailerons, spoilers, elevators, rudders, landing gears, "sliding flaps" and also features spinning engine fans and a steerable nosewheel. Visual model designed by Melvin Rafi. Flight dynamics version 2.30 by Johan Dees. Repainted with permission by Kyle Duncan.. 694K

FS2000 Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-ER ver5 Atlantic Southeast Airlines Reg ID: N868AS A Delta Connection operator in the new "Texas Bluebonnet" Livery with Max Moving Parts and night lighting Aircraft Design: Barry Blaisdell ASA Texas Bluebonnet paint by Bob May Premier Aircraft Design . 365K
FS2000 MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM B737-4H4 MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM Boeing 737-4H4 32 side fuselage 9M MFQ. Fuselage and engines are made with a 32 side section which gives them a real round shape. Engines have 3D air intake and animated fan blades. 3D Illuminated tail logo, landing light "splash" on fuselage and illuminated cabin windows. Wings design highly detailed and you can see them from inside the airplane too. 3D textured flaps move as in real life, in fact they rotate and slide backwards, including moving flap hinge fairings.Moving outboard and inboard textured slats, 3D moving textured ailerons, moving textured spoilers, 3D moving elevators, 3D moving textured rudder, 3D moving landing gear,also textured, turning nosewheel and full moving gear doors. Smoke system for contrail effect. Original aircraft by Sandro Bernardini Repainted by Mior Ahmad Ridzuan B. Ahmad Sam, Malaysian Virtual Pilots Group. 621K

FS2000 Korean Air Boeing 777-200 FS2000 Korean Air B777-200. It was retextured from Air France 777-200 (YanYannick Lavigne and Steve Small) to Korean Air B777-200 There are semmy dirty near all doors. model by Yannick Lavigne and Steve Small retexture by Moon-Sup, Lee. 4.6MB

Boeing 727-100 LINEAS AEREAS SURAMERICNAS LASCARGO COLOMBIA "HK 1273-X VOYAGEUR" The aircraft has full moving parts and night textures for FS2000. Aircraft by Kevin Trinkle. Repainted by J. Ruben Zambrano V. 535K
FS2000 Southwest Airlines Boeing 727-200 Adv PSA BOEING 727-100 FSDS VERSION FOR FS2000, 9/00 AFX and Paint by Kevin Trinkle, FFDS FDE by Sam Chin Base textures by Kevin Trinkle, Michael Pickney, and Steve Kempf Updated by: Gary Carlson. Aircraft repaint and Night Lighting Textures: Wes Archibald. 888K

FS2000 BAC 1-11 302AZ Laker Airways late 1970's. Version 3 of the model with more realistic flaps. FSDS Model, Animation & Paint by David Maltby. 646K


Boeing 747-406M - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, PH-BFE City of Melbourne. KLM, or "Koninklijke Luchtvaartmaatschappij" in Dutch (oh yes, try to pronounce it please! It means "royal airline"), is the flag carrier of The Netherlands. Founded in 1919, KLM is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. Visual Model: Project Opensky, KLM Textures: Yannic Cathalina, Flight Dynamics: Johan Dees. 1.4MB

Upgrade for the KLM Boeing 747-400 pack v1.0. Fixes erratic landing gear height ("floating" aircraft) and KLM Asia winglet texture. 150K