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Civil Jets Page 76

Boeing 767-200 ER Aeromexico Boeing 767 Aeromexico with 16 sides fuselage, photo realistic textures, night textures, landing lights, Ultra realistic sounds, transparent canopy with 3d pilots, tilting boogies, 3d modelled landing gear, fuselage wings, Flaps, ailerons, spoilers, engine with fan blades and elevators, Maximum moving part all parts are animated, realistic aerodynamics Painted and designed by David Segovia (yeotecatl designs). 1MB
FS2000 BOEING B737-300 AMERICA WEST AIRLINES. Modification of the default Boeing 737. Aircraft to the american company America West Airlines. Complete aircraft.Ready to fly to FS2K! By Jean-Jacques Parel. 372K
FS2000 BOEING B737-300 DEUTSCHE BA Aircraft to the Detsche BA, subsidiary to the British Airways. Modification of the default Boeing 737. Complete aircraft. Ready to fly to FS2K! By Jean-Jacques Parel. 420K
Boeing 747-400 Kuwait Airways 9K-ADE. Boeing 747-400 Kuwait Airways for FS2000. This aircraft has been completely built from scratch and features a 32-sided fuselage, 64-sided engines and full moving parts. Version 1.8B adds larger, remodelled engines with "curved" air intake inlets. This aircraft is painted in Kuwait Airways colors and also features night illumination. Registration 9K-ADE. Designed by Melvin Rafi featuring flight dynamics by Johan Dees. Repainted by Federico Veronesi. 841K

FS2000 Condor Boeing 767-300 D-ABUF Repaint of the Project Opensky 767 by Thomas Hirsch Many thanks to Project Opensky for this excellent aircraft. 1.3MB
FS2000 CL601-3a Challenger Business Jet This is a spacious wide body corporate jet with a high cruising speed and long range. The model authentically depicts N778YY owned by TAG Group and has a dramatic livery with stripes that fade from red in the nose thru orange, yellow, green, blue and black. Design & original artwork: Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics: Jens Borgstroem Paint by Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 190K
FS2000 AMERICAN AIRLINES 767-300, Painted by GERAIN Rémy Features 32-sided fuselage, full moving parts, tail skid, gears, jet fan flaps, spoiler and others, night lighting (landing lights, rotating beacon, strobes, tail logo), special 3D gear bays, transparent cockpit, animated APU intake, engine shell inner fairings, new base model paint textures. Flight performance based on a real Euro-airline 767-300ER. (Project Opensky), FS2000. 2.8MB

FS2000 Boeing b737-400 Philippine Airlines Complete reconfigured default 737 - will not interfere with existing aircraft. Ready to flying for FS2K! By Jean-Jacques Parel. 377K

FS2000 ****DIRTY**** Project Opensky BOEING 747-400 Canadain (Air Canada Transition colors) registration C-GMWW, "Maxwell W. Ward" General Electric CF-6 engines 48-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique) Moving flaperon's, spoileron's, aileron's, elevator's, rudder, and fan blade's , Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly detailed) night lighting, flashing beacon's. Transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilot's. Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics by Johan C Dees Tested by Project-Opensky Members special thanks to patrick hanna for the tail textures. Painted by Shane Strong. 4.2MB

FS2000 Air Jamaica A320-200 (v1.0) An Airbus A320 in the livery of Air Jamaica Model features complete moving parts (flaps, slats, spoilers, steerable nose wheel, etc). Transparent cockpit with pilot figures. Night lights/textures. Uses default panel and sounds. Designed using AD2000. By Mike Stone. 587K