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FS2000 Aircraft Southwest Airlines B737-700 New Colors This is a Boeing 737-700 in the new paintscheme of Southwest Airlines.Seating 137 in single-class service with a crew of 5, this aircraft cruises at 530 mph at 35,000 feet.Model features fully animated control surfaces and landing gear with complete textures for night lighting. Original aircraft Mauricio Vascoti,Air file Bob Boudoin,repaint and mods by Gary D.Jones. 733K

FS2000 LEARJET 45 SWISS SAR V1.2 New texture & air file update. Registration HB-CAS. Rework of the FS2000 Lear - Complete aircraft. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 304K
FS2000 Aircraft - Italia A300-600R V2 GE Airbus A300-600R GE engine Version. full moving parts, rotation Engine Fan and turbin Fan, increase cockpit moving parts. now available night and cockpit textures , include FS200 default panel. Aircraft and texture Designer : Jaefree Lin TW. REPAINT ALITALIA MASSIMO GRASSI. 652K
FS2000 Aircraft: Northwest DC-9-32 Northwest DC-9-32 registration N967N. New original FSDS design. The aircraft features 32-sided fuselage with photo-realistic textures. Full moving parts and night lighting effects . By Apichart Owcharoenporn. 492K
FS2000 2400-100RJ GEER LEVINGTON v 2.0 (concept). featuring new 3D fan blades and high detail texturing plus some additional corrections over the last version. FICTIONAL aircraft.Full moving parts include: totally redesigned aircraft components,new wing design,additional textures, 3d strob and nav light glass covers, moving 3D elevators,3D flaps,3D slats, 3D ailerons, landing gear, 3D spoilers, 3D/textured pylons and including a brand new standard feature-3D textured fan blades and "viewable" engine. Comes in custom rollout colors. Textures and model by Lee Rosario. 2.6MB

FS2000 Concept Design 4 Seater Private Jet v2 Fictitious Boeing 575-200 demonstrator. Painted in more realistic house colours. Animated parts additional to version 1.0 are, pilot's arms, legs and head move with flight contols, spoilers, slats, lift dumpers and thrust reversers. Full lights include logo 'splashes'. Own panel. Uses default 737-400 sounds. Most parts remodelled. Design/paint, Nick Pike. Panel, Mark Hubbard. 2.7MB


FS2000 Emirates, Airbus A380-800F (Cargo) (ProMX) Futures cargo/luggages bay with night textures and opening cargo doors, unsynchronized flashing red strobe lights, double flashing white strobe lights on the wings, thrust reversed, wings and engines views from the cockpit with all the moving spoiler, engines fans and leading edges, tilted landing wheels, front turning wheels, 3D cockpit with night textures and 3D landing gears bays. Offers an excellent frame rates with minimum fuzzy textures. Panel by: A.Asensio Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 1.1MB

FS2000 Emirates, Airbus A340-600 (ProMaxL3) The A340-600 is 246 ft 11 in in overall length, 15 ft more then the B747-400, with a maximum range of 7500nm with 380 pax. L3 included a new cockpit night textures. Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 231K

FS2000 Emirates, Airbus A340-500 (ProMaxL3) The A340-500 is 222 ft 10 in in overall length, compare with the 208 ft 10 in of the A340-300, with a maximum range of 8500nm with 313 pax. L3 included a new cockpit night textures. Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 229K

FS2000 Kingston 250 GX fictional .THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION WHICH INCLUDES ALL THE FIXES AND TWO NEW ADDITIONS- STEERABLE NOSE GEAR AND VIEWABLE 3D NIGHT LIGHTED CABIN THROUGH THE PASSENGER WINDOWS. Fictional Corporate Jet designed at Rosario Studios featuring 3d fans blades and transparent see through passenger windows plus high detail texturing. Designed using FS STUDIO PRO, this aircraft incorporates the use of 40 sided engines and fuselage. Full moving parts include: 3d slats, 3d flaps, 3d spoilers, 3d ailerons, 3d elevators, 3d rudder, moving landing gear with wheel textures plus detailed 3d winglets. Includes: 3d light glass casing for landing light, strobe lights nav lights and anti-collision lights. Comes with a standard POH (pilot's operating handbook)containing some detailed information. Comes in standard "Mistic Purple" production colors.Comes with custom panel background designed by Lee Rosario. Textures and design by Lee Rosario. 3.1MB