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VF-1J Valkyrie for FS2000 v1.75. VF-1 is the transformationable fighter in the Japanese anime Macross. Made by SOUEA. 358K

FS2000 aircraft - Lockheed F-16C FOR FS2000 ONLY in the USAF Thunderbirds Red/White/Blue livery.Original aircraft by Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino). Repaint by Kevin S. Atkins. 678K


FS2000 aircraft - Lockheed F-16C FOR FS2000 ONLYin a fictional TAC (Tactical Air Command) livery Original aircraft by Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino). Fictional repaint by Kevin S. Atkins. 442K



FS2000 Boeing/Lockheed F-22 Raptor V1.5 The F-22 is going to replace the F-15Cs that are slaving away their 2nd decade of service. This model is textured in 1stFW 27thFS colors. Includes full moving parts. Original air file by Dean Reimer edited with permission By Kotaro Akikawa. 2.1MB

FS2000 Pro LOCKHEED F-16C FALCON Block 50 Version 0.9a Preliminary - Lockheed Martin F-16C Falcon Block 50, 50th Tactical Fighter Wing USAF Europe Hahn, Germany, late '80s. Totally new visual model, new VFR panel and enhanced flight dynamics. Designed by Dino Cattaneo. 2.3MB


Pyro's vampire (works with) microsoft flight simulator 98-2000 including Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 2 (the registration name)pyro's vampire.zip model: f14142v15 by: scott danko. Custom textures and airfile by Tom "Vf_103_Pyro" Vaillencourt custom paint features yellow and black virtual squadron colors. Pilots have yellow and black checkered helmets and skulls for faces. Includes panel & combat jet sounds. 1.9mb



FS2000 C-17 Globemaster III. This aircraft comes with full moving parts, and is a highly detailed model of the C-17 GlobemasterIII. The C-17 is a Military transport used by the United States. I made this plane with FS Design Studio. 1.6MB
Carrier & FA-18 Package. This is the fixed version of Saratoga I downloaded the fix and put them all to getter so now it does work properly no game crash and you fall of the deck when you try to take off. And I added an carrier landable airplane. fa18a405.zip) F/A-18/A United States Navy - VFA-81 405 (carrier landable, tail hook deploys with air brake) I didn't design these things I just put them together in a pack. Carrier by Robert Waszkiewicz, aircraft by Dean Reimer.Textures by William R. Call. Package by Bob Burner. 3.8MB.


FS2000 Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon RNLAF 311 sq Volkel AB Holland Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon v1.00 FOR FS2000 ONLY - features max moving parts, max 3D parts, max photoreal textures. By Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino) Repaint: Hans Janssens. 503K



FS2000 Lockheed C-130H Hercules ver2 Venezuelan Air Force Fuerza Aerea Venezolana - Acft # 2716 The C-130's were delivered to Venezuela in 1972 and are still used every day today. The few planes still active in the FAV have made great contributions to Venezuela. AF99/AA Design and Night Paint by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem FAV Livery by Hans van Beilen Premier Aircraft Design. 184K