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FS2000 Royal Navy - Blackburn (HS) Buccaneer. Visual -Full Moving parts -model,paintings and texture by Giovanni Clemente. 1.3MB



FS2000 BAe Hawk T.Mk1 A "Red Arrows" The BAe Hawk first flew on 21st August 1974 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1999. It is one of the most succesfull premier fast-jet trainer and it is used by the Royal Air Force and Finnish Air Force plus many others. This plane is Red Arrows XX307 and it joined the team in 1996 from HQ CFS. The Red Arrows is one of the most respected aerobatic demonstration teams in the whole world. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit, transparent canopy with glass reflections and an instrument panel. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Paintjob and T.Mk1 A modifications by Owen Hewitt. 2.8MB(flight handling upgrade here)

FS 2000 McDonnell Douglas F-18/A Hornet Blue Angels "The complete series" All New Hornets! This is an updated version Features: - Near photo-realistic textures - New flight model - New visual model - Full moving parts - Carrier landable Orginal by Dean Reimer. repaint by: Bjorn Groen. 3MB


FS2000 Sukhoi Su-27B - Russian Knights livery. Features full moving parts, accurate flight model, and accurate textures. By Erick Cantu - AUTHORIZED by Graham Waterfield of Phoenix Simulation Software (Thanks Graham!). Full credit for model goes to PSS. 237K


The Hawker Hunter for FS2000 Features: Full moving parts including ailerons, elevators, rudder, 3D pilots & cockpit, transparent window, gear, nav lights, etc. Designer:Harald Huber. 809K


S3-B Viking for Flight Simulator 2000 & CFS2. Rick Sasala (Aircraft) and Brian Gladden (Textures). Description: U.S. only Jet aircraft, used in the detection and attack of submarines, and as an armed scout in the anti-surface role. Extremely versatile, the aircraft is also equipped for tanking, mining, and limited electronic surveillance. Full animation, Full night lighting (Military), Nose wheel steering, Fowler flaps, Arresting Hook and FS2K .air file. 984K




FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks TR-3A Stryker (Black Manta)The TR-3A is rumored to be a top secret stealth aircraft operated by the U.S. Government and used in conjuntion with the F-117A. The eye-witness reports have changed somewhat over the years but remain consistent on the aircraft being a flying wing that is smaller than the Northrop B-2, but larger than the Lockheed F-117A. This aircraft reflects the earliest reports. Includes steerable/retractable nosewheel, FS2000 airfile, checklists, reference info, full moving parts, as well as the GPS feature of FS2000. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. 136K



FS2000 RAAF C-17 Globemaster III Visual model by Kirk Olsson. This aircraft comes with full moving parts, and is a highly detailed model of the C-17 GlobemasterIII. The C-17 is a Military transport used by the United States. I made this plane with FS Design Studio. 830K



Mirage F-1 for FS2000. This aircraft comes with full moving parts (landing gear, nose wheel, all control surfaces, airbrake, and pilothead), it is a detail model of the Mirage F-1. Aircraft made with FS Design Studio Pro. Visual model by Kirk Olsson. 930K

FS2000 A-36 Halcon version 3.0. Designers: Harald Huber & Marcelo Cánovas. Features: Full moving parts including ailerons, elevators, rudder, 3D pilots & cockpit, transparent window, gear, nav lights and strov lights , etc. Panel extracted from a real A-36 & includes views. 1MB