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FS2000 Lockheed TF-104G. German Navy Starfighter. Features: transparent windshield with 3D pilots, full moving parts, NEW afterburner textures.... Model by Massimo Taccoli. Flight dynamics by Robert Young. Panel by Marco Spada. German textures by Justin Lamb. 1.2MB



FS2000/CFS2 - Lockheed-Martin SR-71a "BLACKBIRD" SR-71: Features all the usual animation plus: Working 8-STAGE afterburners, braking parachute, and for the first time - contrails are produced at the tips of the wings in HIGH-G pull-up and roll-departures. Real MACH 3.2 stability at 80,000ft. Model, textures by RICHARD BARKER. 3.3MB

Recommended Panel below::::

FS2000 panel--Lockheed SR-71 supersonic recon aircraft. (Requires ACS-GPS98). By Francisco Moreno. 1.4MB



FS2000 SAAB 35OE DRAKEN 11 AUSTRIAN AF Austrian Air Force is the last active Draken operator worldwide. Pilot texture by Mikko Maliniemi. Technical information by Tatu Köykkä. Austrian markings by Philip Preindl. Designed by Kari Virtanen. 2.3MB


BAe Hawk T. Mk1 A in Thunderbirds livery. Original design by Owen Hewitt & Mikko Maliniemi (see attached fle "copyrights and thanks"). Repaint by Kevin S. Atkins. Superb aircraft with full moving parts. Fictional concept in that the USAF Thunderbirds never flew this plane. A great aircraft design in beautiful Thunderbird colors. 2.5MB
FS2000 F-100 Super Sabre V.1.0 - Includes 3-D Gear Bays, Rolling Wheels,Steerable Nose Gear,Gear Compression,Auto Front Leading Slats,Complete Moving Parts,Night Textures, Afterburner Effects,& Drag Chute. Designed By: Tom Hutson. 3MB

FS2000 McDonnell Douglas AV8B Harrier II PLUS. Markings are of the US MARINES Attack Squadron 214 (VMA-214) 'Black Sheep' circa 1992. This is Part 3 of the HARRIER PROJECT featuring the modernized APG-65 equipped 'Super Harrier'. The model features upgraded textures, better model, ungraded and enhanced .air file and better hover performance. Textures also feature the 'dirty' look found on most Harriers. Includes moving ailerons, rudder, nosewheel steering, flaps and nozzles. Paint is the low observable grey featured on all current US Aircraft. Panel is included and uses the FS2k GPS. Model and Paint by Jim Atkins. 1.5MB
FS2000 FAB C-130 Lockheed Hercules. Aircraft Visual Design & Animation: Adrian Brausch & Ian Brausch. Includes panel by David Giles.
FS2000 Fictional paint job of an EA-6B Prowler in the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration team. Original plane by Rick Sasala. Repainted by William Beaudry . Features: Full animation, Full night lighting (Military), Nose wheel steering, Arresting Hook and FS2K .air file. Carrier landable as accurate as can be using the ( / ) Spoiler key to stop. There are 2 .air files supplied with this a/c. The .air file "EA-6B Prowler" is for land-based OPS I.E. the spoilers are set for long roll outs. The .air file "EA-6B Prowler1" is for carrier OPS as the spoiler is set for STOP! Just rename and replace as you like. The Hook will deploy with full flaps selected, but will have no effect on stopping. By Rick Sasala. 497K
FS2000 Lockheed C130H Hercules Israel Air Force Israeli Air Force Tail No_4X-FBI Tayeset "Ha'Piel Ha'Meofeef" The Flying Elephant Squadron. All New C130 design with full moving parts. Design and Artwork by Barry Blaisdell. Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem. Camoflage livery & night textures by Gabe Eisner, AeroNet. Premier Aircraft Design. 243K