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FS2000pro Lockheed Martin U2-S The latest variant of the 40 year old spy plane, still the USAF's main tactical recon platform . A generic U2-S complete with fictious glass panel using FS2000pro gauges and a DFD starter panel (can be replace with a download panel). A virtual narrow track main gear is fitted to aid ground handling without compromising the landing problems common to this type. Minimal texturing required all parts to be hand drawn to create the maximum detail in the model. Flight, visual model and panel by Clive R Skipper. 226K

FS2000 STD/PRO Lockheed C-130h Hercules,European One scheme. The Hercules is the most widely used by the USAF. It has full moving parts,with opening rear door,ramp,and forward crew entry door with new photo-real textured steps!!. Model, FDE, and Textures by Adrian Brausch. 3MB
FS2000 Fokker F27 Maritime Spanish Air Force 802 Sq - SAR. The F27 Maritime is a specialised maritime patrol variant for offshore patrol, SAR and all other maritime duties with tankage for 12-hour endurance with crew of (typically) six. Numerous detail changes: search radar, Bendix weather radar, bubble observation windows, tactical compartment and crew rest area. Original author: Rob Bennis Repaint by: German Erostarbe. 554K
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FS2000 Rockwell B-1B Lancer B1 B. Inbuilt Scenery which appears when all engines are off, with special night effects! Rolling wheels -w-steerable nose gear, tilting wheel bogies, 3d gear bays. Swing wings, with full lighting even during transition. Front edge leading slats and flaps controlled by wing swing motion. Full exhaust burner effect, and night illuminated consoles-instrument dash. Landing lights with night Killuminated droug chute. By:Tom Hutson. 877K
FS2000/2002 Aircraft and Panel - USAF F-16C "Boys from Syracuse" USAF Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon by G.Chiacchietta, textures by Paolo Trabucco The plane is a Lockheed-Martin F-16C NY State based Squadron. Tested with FS2002. By Paolo Trabucco. 2.5MB
FS2000 - Aeritalia/Lockheed F-104S. This aircraft is here presented with colors of an AMI example in NATO camouflage used in 1990's years by 18° gruppo of 37° Stormo "Cesare Toschi" based at Trapani-Birgi, Sicily. Visual model and paintings by Massimo Taccoli. 517K
FS2000 Dassault Mirage 2000 of Armée de l'Air EC 2/5 "Ile de France" in desert camouflage as it appeared during Operation Daguet (Desert Storm/Shield) at Al Ahsa AB, Saudi Arabia. Aircraft design by Oxyd, repaint by Justin Lamb, FSC mods by Frank Safranek. 961K
FS2000 C.Mk1 Hercules ver2 Royal Air Force Aircraft Number XV292 All New C.MK1 design with full moving parts. The Hercules, is a 4 engined tactical support aircraft capable of carrying up to 20 tons in weight over distances of up to 4,600 miles at speeds of over 300 mph. It is an extremely versatile aircraft and is used by many of the world's air forces. A/C Design and Paint by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem RAF camoflage livery by Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 180K


Su-37 Flight Model - Air file only - specially created for use in any SU- 37 . -This is an accurate flight model of the Su-37 created from authentic detailed specifications of the aircraft and performance characteristics. For use with FS 98/2000/2002. 11K
BAC TSR2 A ground breaking aircraft, the TSR 2 while undeniably over budget had the potential to become the best of its kind. Political intervention was to prevent this becoming a reality and to this day TSR2 remains a continued source of facination. Its performance on cancellation had exceeded that expected at that time of the test programme. Sound by Mike Hambly. Panel by Phil Perrot. Model by Phil Hartley. 2.2MB