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FS2000 A-10A Thunderbolt 2 This is the Combat version complete with bombs and missiles. Features more acurate design than prior versions Full animation of gear, and flight controls Max 3-D Parts, night lighting, virtual cockpit By Mark Carlson. 341K

Airtech/CASA CN-235. A joint venture Indonesia & Spain. This transporter was developed as a military &civil transporter. FSDS design with transparent windows, rear door & more. By OMC'99. 691K

Flight Simulator 2000 U.S.A.F. Fairchild C-119 "Flying Boxcar" Fairchild's answer to heavy air transport initially designed in 1941 as a C-82 Packet troop/cargo transport, it was developed into the C-119 and labelled the "Flying Boxcar". Aircraft has updated air file, full moving parts and opening "clam-shell" doors. Designed by Dean Reimer. (Superb aircraft, SimV). 491K (panel here)


Nasa F104 .First flight F104nasa in 1956. 38 years of service to the Nasa for high altitude experiments .One pilot being Chuck Yeager.( Apollo Program) Airbase Dryden Center Edwards California. Created by Massimo Taccoli. Air File by Robert Young. Repainted by Giovanni Clemente. 551K


FS2000 McDonnell Douglas CF-188/762 To commemorate the new millennium, "Dawn of a new era", the CAF released a repainted hornet as an airshow demonstrator to fly airshows across the country in 2000. Aircraft has full moving parts and full lighting. Designed by Dean Reimer. 1.8MB



FS2000 McDonnell Douglas CF-18A CAF 188763 "Loaded for bear" you can patrol your favourite 'hot spots' or fly training missions in Hornet 188763. Weighted down with sidewinders, bombs and extra fuel, this CF-18 is an agile and formidable foe. Aircraft is highly detailed with full moving parts. Aircraft is carrier landable. Designed by Dean Reimer. 838K.


FS2000 McDonnell Douglas CF-18A CAF 188762 From the 410 Cougars comes this example of the extravagant paint schemes given to some of these aircraft. 4 Wing's cougar lunges from the tail into the night. Aircraft is highly detailed with full moving parts. Aircraft is carrier landable. Designed by Dean Reimer. 843K

FS2000 McDonnell Douglas CF-18A CAF 188718 "75th Anniversary Paint" This is a representation of the Canadian Armed Forces 75th Anniversary Hornet demonstration aircraft, painted to commemorate the Air Force's anniversary and those who served in the RCAF/CAF. Aircraft has full moving parts. Designed by Dean Reimer. 723K



FS2000 Bell XFL-1 Airabonita This FSDS model was made from screen shots of Eric Johnson's Airabonita. It has a transparent canopy, moving parts, reflective finish and includes Chuck Dome's excellent P-39 panel. By Paul Clawson. 315K

FS2000 - Sukhoi S-37 Berkut Russian 5th Generation Fighter Prototype. New model for FS2000 with many new features, enhanced texture, improved animated parts, authentic Sukhoi sounds, revised flight dynamics and panel. By Ralph Pegram. 7MB

UPDATE: FS2000 - Sukhoi S-37 modified .air file Revised flight model to solve control problem reported on some PC/FS2000 configurations. Also includes correct reheat thrust, improved elevator and aileron control, plus other detail changes. Needs Su37_2k.zip By Ralph Pegram 9K