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FS2000 Mercedes-Benz Vito Van Includes Panel and sound. Have a bit of FUN, take a drive thru downtown Chicago, Vegas, London or just your favorite scenery why you listen to your favorite cd on the included cd player. By Firstsim98. 1MB
FS2000 Harley Davidson Shovelhead Custom Based on my own 1971 shovelhead features real Shovelhead wav sound file animated forks, night lighting made with FSDS inspired by John Dow (Harley01.zip panel) to his request for a harley. (sorry Ididn't use your panel went with a virtual cockpit so u=you can see the forks move). 1.5MB
FS2000 Jet Engine! Ever thought that the engines supplied with your aircraft looked slightly less than realistic. I know I have, so I thought I'd have a go at my own, I brought FSDS and have now produced a turbofan based on the CFM56 family. I should be interested in its effect of framerates on different users systems. If anyone is interested I will foward the FSDS files for them to include in their own aircraft. Using it in FS2K was fun, never flown just an engine before!. Brian Franklin. 1.5MB
FS2000 Boeing BWB (Blended Wing Body). This Aircraft is a NASA research project. The BWB is a double-deck jetliner and could carry as many as 800 passengers over 7,000 NM. Entry into service date: 2020. Features: maximum moving parts and night lighting. Design and paint by: Marcel Scherwionke. 785K

FS2000 M400 Skycar. Based on a real aircraft designed by Paul Moller. See his site www.moller.com/skycar. An original FSDS design includes transparent, opening canopy, panel sounds, a choice of textures & more. Designer AC Kerkhove. 8.4MB

FSDS files including FSC for use in FSDS modification. (Permission must be obtained prior to any redistribution). 2.7MB

Fix for the M400 by AC Kerkhove Unzip this file and then copy all the files to the M400 map in the FS2000 Aircraft Map. These files gives the M400 aircraft better Flightdynamics solve some speed problems and make the aircraft more stable. I will try to keep improving the airfiles. any suggestions are welcome. 16K

UFO created for FS2000 using FSDS, it also includes a panel, By Alex Bart. 549K
FS2000 Black Stealth One "Hellbug" A 2 seat,single engine light spyplane. Painted in prototype black, in case of sightings. All files included. By Jordan M. Alegant. 241K
FS2000: THE MILLENNIUM FALCON. Version 1.0 This model of the Falcon is a prototype craft of the Modified Corellian YT-1300 Freighter. It has a conventional wheeled undercarrage so it can be landed conventionally and it is also capable of VTOL/STOL using flaps. Model, animation, cockpit and cockpit views e.t.c. all produced by myself. The FSC file for FSDS Pro is also included in the zip file. By Steve ( RATT ) Robinson. 2.1MB
N.A.S.A Pathfinder Experimental. Created by AeroVironment Inc, this aircraft has been a pioneer in solar/electric aircraft power. It is unmanned, with a weight of 600 Ibs. Jordan M. Alegant. 1.5K
International Space Station, for FS2000 A detailed model of the I.S.S. This is the most complex international scientific project in history. By NÚstor D'Angelo. Includes panel. By Gustavo De Coro File size 3.73MB
FS2000 Mercedes-Benz follow me Van Includes Panel and sound. Be a part off the ground forces off a airport By Firstsim98 re-paint by: Rogier Fontein. 1MB
Brazilian public transport bus. Re-paint by Ingmar Hendriks Bus by Chistian Friederich's and Israel Dias. With panel. 391K
Photorealistic brazilian public transport bus. A repaint of Chistian Friederich's bus by Israel Dias. With panel. 375K
US Army Virtual Multi-Service Upgrade. This CSL upgrades the army aircraft from FS4/FS5 representations to fs98 and FS2k. It also adds a HMMWV, M-113 and M-1 tank. Ray Brower. 10MB