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IFR Beechcraft KingAir panel. FS2000 Pro Only. Based on Elite 6.0, this panel includes all the gauges to practice IFR : standby frequencies, chrono, fuel gauges, GPS, etc. In addition panel has a button toggled yoke. Panel incorporates also Alain Capt's ACS-GPS98 (required separately). Edouard Halbert. 971K

Breguet Alizé Panel for the french ASW carrier based aircraft. Contains two different panels, one for the original airfile, the other for an (included) modified airfile with turboprop engine. Done by Michael Vader, Pegasus Aviation Design . 2.2MB
SAAB Sk50 Safir Panel for FS2000 Pro This panel is based on high quality photographs of a SAAB Sk50 Safir formerly operated by the F5 Training Wing of Flygvapnet (Swedish Airforce) based at Ljungbyhed, Sweden. Following retirement, it is now civilian owned with the registration SE-IIL. 2.6MB
Panel for FS2K Boeing 747-200 A lot of B747's which are available on the net either have fancy glass cockpits which need to be run at high resolutions or simply utilise the rather inadequate Panel Heavy Jet 4 that comes with FS2k. This project, which is my first serious attempt at panel design, started life as a basic re-work of the FS2K default B737 panel. During that re-work I saw the potential for it's use on the B747 and this is the result. 349K. Bob Young.

MD-90 1st officer view - based on panel of Chris Arrington and radios by Chuck Dome. Bitmap and gauges re-inserted for right-side view. - Like the original, uses very few additional gauges. Also, increased visibility forward by enlarging windows. Designed by James Waters. 305K

CFS/FS2k - panels Westland Lysander This panel is suitable for CFS and FS2000, It had been tested in both. The starting point was the Lizie panel done by John Mc Guigan. In fact I mixed his panel with parts of CFS Hurricane panel and some other gauges. Done by Michael Vader of PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN. 744K
CFS/FS2k - panels MiG - 15 This panel has been tested under CFS and Fs2k. Done by Michael Vader, PEAGASUS AVIATION DESIGN. 1MB

FS2000 Photo-realistic view of MD80 from 1st officer's view. Original design by James Waters. 876K

Version 2 : Tidied up the bmp a bit, changed colors to a light blue, easier on the eyes, and reworked some of the gauges from the original photo-realistic MD80 1st officer view. Jim Waters. 847K

CFS/FS2000 - panels Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV Done by Michael Vader, Pegasus Aviation Design. Works on CFS as on FS2000.Features radiocompass. GPS can be displayed in FS2k it eases life, believe me! 1.4MB

SU-27 designed & created by Harald Huber. 415K