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FS2000 Fokker F28 combi panel! Yes this panel has a captain and a co-pilot panel as well! You can even switch between the two panels when you are flying! This panel got all the usual things, like GPS, throttle, cabin sign's, a real working wiper and a special throttle/pusback/radiostuck window! This panel is also fully compatible with: GPWS 98/2000, airbus warning sounds, Airport 2000 V1 and V2, Flightdeck 2000 and Start up 98. Frank Elfert. 3.5MB

FS2000 MD-80 Panel in brown and digital HSI-ADI for Paul Golding MD-80 Panel. --. (real CRT gauges and fs-meteo display optional, not included)) --wiper and HUD are hide, got 5 fps extra with out it. To display: click on W for wiper and H for HUD --have a replacement panel.cfg (for all options) without shutdown engines problem. --I can't find more words, just test this panel please!! :) --for full crt configuration, requires Real CRT gauges (nd2k_12.zip, vd_sp2.zip) and fs-msteo display gauges. --Have a full Authorization of Mr. Paul Golding. tested on: PIII @ 550 machine, WindowsME, FS2000, Nvidia t. of video. mods by: Marco Aurelio Diaz Alvidrez. 5.6MB

FS2000 Canjet Boeing 737 Wing Views. Taken during our trip back to Toronto from Halifax on Canjet Airlines (since then acquired by Canada 3000). Imagine how happy I was to be sitting right on the left side window in the middle of the wing section. By Jeffrey George and Reshmu George. 341K

FS2000 panel - Bae-146 / Avro RJ85. This is an all new panel, bitmap is made with photographs as a reference. Layout is as accurate as possible and still allowing it to be functional at the same time. By Thomas Blodgett. 1.5MB

FS2000 Alternative 2 jet engine panel, for older aicrafts, like the Fokker F27 and the Caravelle. This panel got al the usual things, and also a real working wiper and a special fuel window. This panel is also fully compatible with: GPWS 98/2000, airbus warning sounds, Airport 2000 V1 and V2, Flightdeck 2000 and Start up 98. Frank Elfert. 1.2MB
NavDash Panel for 2 Engine A/C This Panel was designed out of a necessity to accommodate the Navdash 2.5 gauges into a panel that not only looked good, but was totally functional. The default 777 panel has been modified to accommodate the changes. It resembles a 777 panel or a B767-400. It can be used for any 2 engine A/C that employs an EFIS system. The ND is left "gauge less" to accommodate the "regular" size Navdash ND, and the area under the panel between the pilot's legs is where the "progress" page will fit. 370K
Fs2000 Generic Prop Panel.For Any Prop Aircraft. This Panel Has GPS,Radio Stack,Autopilot,Throttles,Starter,Compass,Anunciator,Stall Overspeed & Brake Lights All Intergrated On The Panel....... David Burgin. 470K
767 PIC VFR View Version 3. This is my final version of the VFR panel. After spending many hours, I think I have finally come up with a panel that you can literally 'fly' the 767 with. I usually use it when taxiing or t/o, but especially when inbound to the approach. Once the FMC captures the ILS I switch to the panel and use it exclusively for the approach. I hope you enjoy is as much as I have. P.S. If you don't have S-Combo on your computer .DOWNLOAD it! Yopu can find it on flightsim.com as well. The ATC and Co-pilot calls are great when you are on approach to know where your flaps are as well as altitude calls from 500' down J Great Simmin' Gary Colwell. 344K
Patch/update for the best ever designed Douglas DC-3/R4D Dual Panel version 4.0 from Bill Rambow & Roy Chaffin May. This patch/update allows you to use GPS and an autopilot (both are removeable windows!). Patch/update by Frank Elfert. 286K
Replacement Rear View for a BAC 1-11. This image is for use with a Flight Simulator 2000 BAC 1-11. Andrew Minckley. 1MB