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FS2000 Airbus A340/380 panel. Two new internal views are included! This panel is frame rate friendly! This panel comes with the following goodies: cabin signs, pushback gauge, real working wipers, a special overhead panel, a special throttle/radiostack panel and GPS. It also is fully compatible with: GPWS 98/2000, Airbus warning sounds, Airport 2000 V1 and V2, Flightdeck 2000 and Start up 98. 4MB
FS2000 wingviews for the Airbus A320. They can be used with every FS2000 Airbus A320 aircraft! Frank Elfert. 354K
FS2000 panel--Boeing MD-87 EFIS. Simple installation by self extracting file. Panel features include two seperate levels of cockpit lighting, full cockpit views, switchable HUD, working overhead, GPWS and more. Also includes working windshield wipers with sound. For the time being, the package contains two examples of Project Freeware's DC-9-51 repainted as MD-87. Also includes FS2K air file for use with Esa's MD-90 model. Sound package available seperately. By Paul Golding/Project Freeware. 8.4MB

FS2000 Boeing 737-700/800/900 panel! With all the internal views. This panel got all the usual things like, GPS. But this panel got more than that only! Like real working wipers, cabin sign's, removeable Flightyoke, a 737 overhead panel and a special throttle window! This panel is also fully compatible with: VCP2000, Airbus Warning sounds, GPWS 98/2000, Airport 2000 Vx, flightdeck 2000 and startup 98/2000. By Frank Elfert. 8MB
DH 106 Comet Panel v1.1 for FS98/FS2000 , by Maximo Verrascina. Updated for FS2k with night illumination by Craig Snyder (Tailboom). 1MB
FS2000 Panel--Cessna L-19 Bird Dog aircraft v1.0 A highly realistic Bird Dog panel, With a pedestal and outside view windows. All the instruments are operative, with joystick movement and night lighting instruments. This panel is intended for use with the aircraft file O-1_CIV.ZIP by Massimo Taccoli. By Brahim Rhoul. 5.4MB

Cessna 172 photoreal panel (can also be used by other cessna's en pipers), This panel has also more optional windows, for the controls of the lights and the radiostuck. This panel has also fully Internal views, and off course GPS and IFR instruments. 2.4MB
FS2000 Boeing 757-200 First Officer panel Panel photo by Craig Murray. Gauges from Richard Probst. Internal cockpit sideviews by Kerry Gipe. Paul Brand. 3.7MB

FS2000 Boeing 707 wingviews (can also be used for the DC 8). This wingviews can be used for all aircrafts, also for panels who allready got internal views! Soon i will also release my Airbus A319/320/321 wingviews! Of course you can also find a new winampskin. by Frank Elfert. 1.3MB