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Alternate 4 engine jet analogue panel for FS2000 (standard/PRO) This is my newest alternate 4 jet panel. This panel can be used for many old 4 jet engine's aircrafts, like the Boeing 707, DC 8 and the old 747's. Some windows like the fuelwindow can be showed by the SHIFT + 1 or 2 button. This panel has also some internal views. This panel is tested in the follow resolutions without any problems: 640x480, 800X600 and 1024x748 Easy installation! By Frank Elfert
FS2000 Boeing 737-200 panel - all functions on single screen. Jim Waters. 2.1MB
FS2000 rear view for the Boeing 777-300 This is my newest rear view design for the Boeing 777-300 from Microsoft. This rear view has also the option to see the FS2000 world in some windows!! This rear view can also be used for other aircraft who are using the internal rear view! by Frank Elfert, easy installation. 2.2MB
CFS2/FS2000 PBY Panel, built from a photo, best viewed at 800x600 full screen, Moving Yoke, CFS2 GPS, FS2000 GPS, removable Sun Visor. By: Ickie Berleim. 2.5MB
FS2000 Fokker 100 panel (standard/PRO)This is my newest design at Eelco Poelsma original Fokker 100 panel. Eelco asked me to redesign his panel, and I made the final version of his panel. This panel is now compatible with FS2000 only (standard/pro), not FS98 any more (like Eelco's version). This panel has now also support for GPWS add-on's. This panel is tested in 640x800, 1024x768 and 1152x864. by Frank Elfert. 1MB

Lockheed SR71 "Blackbird" panel with default FS2000 GPS High speed reconnaissance aircraft. Features: Photorealistic panel, based on original cockpit and instrument pictures. Perspective-distorted and shaded gauges to fit in the original photo. Special Sr-71 gauges. New air-file to convert the aircraft more realistic and more enjoyable to fly. Working autopilot up to 3 Mach and 80000 feet By Peter Pellionis, gauges completely reworked by Francesco Moreno Default FS2000 GPS added by Harald Hartl. 1.4MB
FS2000 Panel for FIESELER Fi 156 Storch aircraft v1.0 A highly realistic Storch panel. All the instruments are operative, with joystick movement and night lighting instruments.Designed in 1024x768.This ZIP-file also includes : new FS2K .air file, aircraft.cfg and others files for realistic start-up and shut-down engine sounds. By Brahim Rhou. 4MB

FS2000 Generic Concorde/Tupolev 144). This panel has now also support for GPWS add-on's (not included). This panel has all the normal features like GPS and AP, some of them are available with a special window. Night effects are included. This panel has also an pushback gauge included. This panel is tested in 640x800, 1024x768 and 1152x864. If have also included a new specail file, I call it the CHECKLIST. You can download updates for my panels with this file and you can also do other things, like the scandisk, yearplanner and see information about my futher products, the file name called flightsim.bat. by Frank Elfert. 4.1MB
FS2000 A6E Intruder or EA6B Prowler panel. Toggles for GPS, Radios, Throttle, and compass. All cockpit gauges are operable. Freeware panel. Design by: Rick Herring. 592K