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FS2000 Boeing 717 Roy Chaffin Panel. Roy, a supreme panel designer, is back with this new FS2000 version of a panel and aircraft originally designed and built for FS98, modified to make it compatible with FS2000.  As such it does not take advantage of all the features of FS2000, and depending on which aircraft is used, some gauges may not function properly. Once a proper, full-function FS2000 B-717 aircraft is built, everything will work. 4.5MB. Aircraft also included - but can be used with any aircraft.

Download here

Download here

SR71 "style" Deluxe Panel for FS2000 For use with, PSS-SR71.zip for FS2000 only. This panel uses the FS2000 GPS with 5 MFD's, and uses all FS2000 Gauges.71 gauges total. Options for GPS98v32, and Navstar99v11 are included. by John J Schumacher. 337K
Ilyushin IL-96M\T Panel for FS2000 FS98; The Russian "A340 B747" Rockwell-Collins instruments Overhead Panel:Engine control,Fire test,Generator light,AC,ICE,Pushback Console:Radio, Trimm,Eng,pump,Fmc only Fs98 Panel Englisch Cyrillic Pink night lighting Ilyushin IL-96M\T by Nikolay Poriazov. 3.4MB

FS2000 - re-designed 737 panel. This version deletes the two part fuel gauge and becomes a three part one wich was created by Jorge Alsina. The upper panel gots a compass and the trim indicators will be placed beside or rather down of the thrustcontrolls. In addition to this, now there will be a pretty designed landing speed sheet on the left hand of the throttle lever (into a real 737-Cockpit you can find this sheet above your head near the overhead panel). Now the improved standard 737 panel looks a bit more realistic and you can read all three fuel gauges. This panel should be work with low and high resolutions, cause i've changend both (640 & 1028) bmp-files. Have a nice and safety flight! standard B737_400 panel by Microsoft® b737-400_fuel.gau by Jorge Alsina. 434K.
DC9-41 panel in SAS style version 2.0 for FS98/FS2000. Panel made by Stellan Hilmerby. Programming by Geir Otto Olsen. Bitmaps in the instruments originally made by Bryan Shirota. C++ programming by Geir Otto Olsen. My part of this design is to repaint the bitmaps and to give technical advice to Geir. Gear and trim sounds are recorded by me in a real DC9 cockpit. A BIG thank you to the people in SAS Flight Academy for all pictures. 1.9MB
FS2000 CRJ Panel caCRJpnl.zip. Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ). Made from a real CRJ picture. Genuine enhanced panel bitmap with 3D effects. Push back, removable yoke and sun visor. It places you right into the pilot's seat without distorting the actual proportions/perspective. The ultimate realistic experience when used with my CRJ Comair plane (caCRJ2k.zip). By Chris Alevritis. 861K

FS98/2000 Bombardier Challenger 601-3A Panel Concept by Mark Ostheimer Panel by David Durst. 967K

Passenger window for FS2000. Twin engine jet wing view by PATRIZIO MIGLIOLA. 185K
FS2K - Piper J3 Cub panel This panel inspired by the Jacques Halluchon' ja_j3p104.zip offers a rustic and ancient style for this nice plane.By Yannick Lavigne. 732K

FS2000 737-400 Panel created with the true pilot's perspective in mind. Package includes radios by Chuck Dome. For FS2000 only. 3DFX tested. Best viewed in 1024x768, but will work in lower resolutions. Freeware by Chris Arrington. 284K