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FS2000 Mooney. File size 168506. R Clarke

FS2000 Biman Douglas DC-6 with moving parts. File size 161938. A Palas

FS2000 Aircraft & Panel -- Mooney M20M (Bravo). Repaint of default aircraft in blue, to match current factory showcase photo. Panel adds mounted compass, pre-positioning for GPS & radio stack. New "skin" for GPS. Requires FS2000 Pro. By R.L. Clark. File size 459950

Flight sim 2000 ERAU cessna 182 RG. ERAU hopes to order these by 2002 Painted by Angelo Ricci. File size 413900.
FS2000 Mooney Repainted default Mooney textures. By Curt Leonard. File size 51412

FS2000 Reeve Alutian Lockheed L188 Electra by Bill Schulz. File size 128413

FS2000 - Eurowings ATR-72 Repaint and flightdynamics by Helge Bast Features AF-99 circles, moving parts, night lighting and landing lights. Based on original design by Bill Alderson, AF-99 rework by Jim Youngken. File size 80280

FS2000 TWA Express Jetstream 31 Aircraft and Panel For use with MSFS2000 Professional Edition Turboprop Version 1.0 Aircraft: Design by Bill Alderson Modifications/Paint/Moving Parts by David Durst. File size 959859

FS2000 FedEx Cessna Caravan aircraft and panel, for use with MSFS2000 Professional Edition. Turboprop Version 1.0. Aircraft by Marty Baclawski. Modifications, paint, moving parts and panel by David Durst. File size 634454

FS2K Bell-Boeing MV22 Osprey MV22 is the USMC version of the Bell-Boeing Osprey. A highly detailed model including: full animation of engines and rotors, wing flaprons, textured/transparent props, clear canopy, textured virtual cockpit with pilots, authentic sound, 2 optional flight dynamics and more. By Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim 640K Update below
FS2000 HV-22 Osprey texture update This set of textures adds the bluish hue particular to the V22's 'Air Superiority' color. Requires V22_FS2K, will not run with the FS98 version! For installation, replace with the existing v22_fs2k/texture folder. by Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim. 206K