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FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks Dark Eagle III This is a fictional version of a super-modified Christen Eagle. The airframe has been totally redesigned, and the visual model now includes a lengthened cowling, larger "Hollywood wingtips", new 3-blade prop with transparent effects, and a virtual cockpit. The panel includes a Sierra Flight Systems EFIS-2000 Glass cockpit also incorporating a Vision-Microsystems VM-1000 Engine Monitor Display as well as numerous digital avionics. Flight dynamics are also improved,including a faster roll rate, and a higher top speed, and boasting a thrust to weight ratio well beyond 1:1. By Jason L. Terry

FS2000 Lockheed L100-30 Hercules Southern Air Transport N906SJ Lockheed's L-100 freighters are the civil equivalents of the venerable military C130 Hercules. All New L100-30 design with full moving parts and is "Frame Rate Friendly". Design and Orig Paint by Barry Blaisdell, Southern Air Transport livery by Bob May Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem Premier Aircraft Design. 225K

FS2000 Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia. This aircraft is entirely built in Brasil and has the capacity to 30 passengers. Designer:ALEX EYLERTS. 871K

FS2000 & CFS 2 Aviat Pitts S-2C US ARMY It's the king of quick combat!!!Bye bye "B", wellcome S-2C! This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit with transparent canopy as well as a instrument panel. Mission included.Armed with guns 7,62mm. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 491K

FS2000 Grumman AA-5 Tiger plane & panel new version. The plane is the same as in the original file (grumaa-5.zip) I design this panel using the default FS2000 gauges. This upgrade include new gauges custom made by Chuck Dome to re-create the original ones instead of using the Cessna's. And new original style temp, oil, amp by Richard Melville with the Grumman "Look", by Jose Miranda. 1MB

FS2000 Professional Beechcraft Twin Bonanza D50 R/N N4949B includes FSDS Aircraft with moving parts, authentic checklist and a complete panel with interior side views. by Tom Miller and Dick Ward. 4.3MB



Air file fix for the orginal DHC-6-300 Twin Otter air for in the norOntair livery. This fix should also work for any repaints that have been done since. By Steven Grant. 8K

FS2000 & CFS 2 Britten-Norman Islander G-BLNJ In Loganair late 80's / early 90's colours. With 2 texture files for clean/muddy version. Full instructions. With full moving parts (control sufaces, flaps, props, nosewheel) Transparent windows with interior and pilot Custom panel included. Various minor enhancements from v1.0. See read_me files By Mike Stone. Repainted by Alistair Brydon. 424K

FS2000 M400 Skycar. Based on a real aircraft designed by Paul Moller. See his site www.moller.com/skycar. An original FSDS design includes transparent, opening canopy, panel sounds, a choice of textures & more. Designer AC Kerkhove. 8.4MB

FSDS files including FSC for use in FSDS modification. (Permission must be obtained prior to any redistribution). 2.7MB

Fix for the M400 by AC Kerkhove Unzip this file and then copy all the files to the M400 map in the FS2000 Aircraft Map. These files gives the M400 aircraft better Flightdynamics solve some speed problems and make the aircraft more stable. I will try to keep improving the airfiles. any suggestions are welcome. 16K