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Zlin Z-142 is Czechoslovak all metal, two seat, sports and training plane. It's intended for basic or advanced training, for aerobatics training and for IFR and night flying. Version Z142C AF is a special variant for Czech Air Force. FS model includes e.g. photorealistic 2D panel, dynamic 3D virtual cockpit with working gauges and with moving controls, moving pilot, canopy reflections, rotating tires, new propeller, lights and smoke effects. By Milan Lisner (CVA Design). 1.6MB

FS2000 version FS98 version

FS2000 1977 Piper Cherokee Six 300, Amphibian. Complete Overhaul of Eric Johnson's Cherokee AFX. Full moving parts and speed brake operated landing gear, Transparent windows and full lights. Custom Panel with DragonFlight start and light switches. Few Cherokee's were ever put on floats and is more of a Sportsman's plane than a true Bush Workhorse. by Dana McGee. Setup for FS2000 default GPS. 1.7MB
FS2000 JMSDF Beechcraft TC-90 FS2000/FS2K2 Beechcraft C-90 with full moving parts. Benefis Healthcare Med Flight C-90. Med Flight has serviced north, central and eastern Montana regions since 1994. This C-90 is the smallest of a three plane fleet, but very practical for the short runways of rural Montana. Painted by Bill Carmichael, Designed by Tomohito UNYAMA, Dynamics by Michael Verlin. 263K

FS2000 LatinSim DINFIA IA-50 GII Guaraní MBS Argentina. Turbo prop transport of Ministerio de Bienstar Social (MBS) Argentina, Version 1.0 includes full moving parts, clear windows, pilots figure and realistic flight dynaimcs. Designed by Ariel Cimino and Cherar Suarez, LatinSim.com. 387K

FS2000 LatinSim DINFIA IA-50 GII Guaraní Argentine Air Force Military transport turbo prop, Version 1.0 includes full moving parts, clear windows, pilots figure and realistic flight dynaimcs. Designed by Ariel Cimino and Cherar Suarez, LatinSim.com. 374K

FS2000 DHC2 Beaver Crop Duster. This file is another repaint of Fred Banting's and Yannick Lavigne's wonderful DHC2 Beaver. This plane is used by the State of Alaska Civil Air Patrol for various duties including search and rescue. This repaint does not show the extra windows that are on the real plane. Sound and Panel files from one of Fred Banting's beavers are required and are not included in this archive. By Fred Choate

FS2000 Private Britten-Norman Islander, registration YR-BNG. Features full moving parts, transparent windows with detailed interior including pilot. This version has rolling wheels, improved props with independant animation, as well as other minor changes. Custom panel included. Aircraft by Mike Stone, repainted by Gergely Kosa. 187K



FS2000 PA 28 Piper Arrow. Aircraft designed by Warren Baier // Original panel by Mikko Maliniemi. 2.9MB

FS2000 Tupolev-114 FSDS Pro model features all moving parts and transparent cockpit and navigator's windows. Propellers are counter-rotating. Classical Aeroflot livery. Model by samdim. 278K

FS2000 - Price Ultimate 10 DASH 300s. Produced by Canadian pilot Gordon Price's Ultimate Aircraft Ltd, the 10-300s was the pinnacle of a series of developments which started life as upgrade packages for the Pitts Special aerobatic bi-plane. Visual model, panel and documentation by Stuart Greene. Gauges are modified from Extra 300s gauge set. Sound aliased to Extra 300s soundpack. GPS by Chuck Dome. 2.6MB