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LFMD, the french riviera airport Cannes Mandelieu for FS2000 by Eric Turpin. 1.6MB
ontndb.zip for fs2000 NDBs for Ontario that were missing from the default scenery. by Daniel McMillan
FS2000 United Kingdom Military ILSs A facility to add and correct the ILS installations at United Kingdom military airfields that Microsoft failed to include or got wrong. By Paul Gausden. 4K
Granada, Spain, scenery for FS2000. Includes night ilumination (buildings and parking, PAPIS visible at night), static and dynamic scenery. As a bonus, includes the new VOR at Somosierra (near Madrid), used in the new SID's from Barajas. By José M. Barruezo. 1.9MB

FS FS2000 Static aircraft for Kuala Lumpar by Simon Marsden. 346K

FS2000 scenery -- U.S.S. Saratoga CV60 U.S.S. Saratoga - real ship for real pilots with full functional deck ( landable ), moving parts - radars, rising blast barriers. High quality performance with resolution: 10 pix = 1 meter. By Robert Waszkiewicz. 1.9MB
FS2000 Scenery -- Feldberg , Germany. If you´re on approach to Frankfurt Rhein-Main-Airport (EDDF) southwestound via TAU Vor (116.7) you´ll pass the 3252´ft high Feldberg. Contains Feldberg, EDFA photorealistic scenery By Pete Shriver. 699K
Harvey field is a general aviation airport with a narrow strip, unlit taxiways, and the friendliest people in aviation. The Harvey family lives on the property, and manages the Snohomish Flying Service in the same building as the Buzz Inn restaurant. The parachute school is always busy and most nice days you will be treated to a show of sport parachuting. The grass strip was closed some time ago to make way for airport expansion, what's left of it still exists in the central area of the field. Great for ultra-lights. created by Bob Bernstein. 1.2MB

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) Version 2.0 Replaces ABIA_2K.zip, Feb 2000 Works only with FS2000. Highly detailed and realistic Scenery of the airport in Austin, Texas. Formerly Bergstrom AFB. By Page C. Cline. 1.5MB

Real Tahiti-FAAA for FS2000 1.0 This are a simulation of the Tahiti-FAAA Airport based on web pictures from this international airport situated in South Pacific, French Polynesia.By L.B. Martin. 671K (Updated 031400). Patch to correct some Navigational problems. 180K. Patch No. 2 416K

Real Moorea-Temae Airport for FS2000 1.0 (L.B. Martin 2K) This are a simulation of the Moorea-Temae Airport based on web pictures from this airport situated in South Pacific, French Polynesia. 318K. Patch to correct some navigational errors. 46K



FS2000 Sao Paulo Intl. Airport This is a realistic scenery of the Latin America busiest airport, Sao Paulo International Airport (Cumbica), located at Sao Paulo, Brazil. For use with FS2000 default scenery. Adds taxiways, static aircrafts, buildings, trees and much more! Designed by Saulo Junior. 1.4MB