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FS2000 Waved Seasurface. FS2000 Waved Seasurface. Oceanlike Large(high altitude) and small (low altitude) wave combination. Minimized tiling effect and optimized colouring throughout the day. Feels like water. By Gerrit Kranenbarg. 176K

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for FS2000. Includes buildings, navaids, and seasonal changes. By Garvin Barnicoat. 401K
FS2000 Update for ILS on Carrier CV-64. This adds an ILS runway to the default Carrier in San Francisco Bay. Also, it adds an NDB to the carrier deck. The update includes: fixed naming errors and more accurate glideslope. By Jonathan Ostrower

FS2000 Scenery--NEW YORK LA GUARDIA AIRPORT. FS2000 update to the scenery LGA-98 uploaded in April 1999. Highly detailed and accurate scenery (with night lighting) made with Airport 2.1 and VOD. Requires VOD and Airport 2.02 textures. Use of this scenery is not recommended on slower computers. by Shehryar Ansari. 844K
FS2000 Waved watersurface v2. FS2000 Waved watersurface v2. Realistic waved watersurfaces. Includes oceans, seas, large and small lakes and rivers. Maximum minimized tiling effect and optimized colouring throughout the day. Serves the southern hemisphere as well. Feels like more water. By Gerrit Kranenbarg. 391K


Fs2000 addon of Static aicraft and scenery for London Gatwick. Aircraft & Airline ramp positions now accurate. by Paul Roberts . 479K
Sarasota International Airport Scenery for FS2000. Read the text file for installation and Flatten effects. By Christopher Gilbert. 488K

FS2000 Scenery Demo 1 - Fictional Bush Country. Designed with SynthWizard TerraBuilder(tm) v1.94 (v2.0 BETA) Scenery Only for FS2000. CFS textures required. By Misho Katulic. 229K

Fs2000 Scenery Spain Scenery add-on for Fs2000 All Spain peninsular scenery By Toni Agramont 5.4MB

Canary2k - FS2000 scenery of Canary Islands by Toni Agramont FIRST VERSION -Januray 2000. 2.1MB
FS2000 replacement texture. FS2000 replacement texture. Replaces the FS2000 default concrete.r8 texture with a much more realistic one. It matches the grass and runway texture better than the "dull" default one. No ugly errors, no lockups, tested with a voodoo 2. By Peter Binamira. 140K
FS2000 Winnipeg Scenery Enhancement This scenery is an FS2000 enhancement for The default Winnipeg International Airport, located in Manitoba, Canada (CYWG). Features, Ramps, static, FSTraffic tracks as well as missing tarmac and night lights. This is work in Progress. By Manuel Santos. 964K