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Fast Start Extension For FlightSims 2000 And 98. Enables You To Choose The Flight Your Sim Starts Up On. This Product Has Been Enhanced All Round And Includes Some New Features. Existing FSX Users Should Also Upgrade But Please Read The Upgrading Section In The Text File. Distribution Includes A Setup Program For Easier Installation. Released As FREEWARE By Ken Maclachlan. 422K

FlightZip v 3 is a little FREEWARE tool made for MS Flight Simulator 98 and MS Flight Simulator 2000. It is the ultimate addon installer and manager for FS98 and FS2000. FlightZip extracts ZIP files containing aircraft, panel, sound, adventure and scenery for FS98/2000, and install the files into the correct directories. You are able to install ZIP files using the program it selves or just by right-click at any ZIP file you would like and choose FlightZip from the popup menu. In addition FlightZip allows you to easily assign panels and sound to the aircraft installed. 2MB

FlightZip 2000 Update to Version 3.1 *************** WHAT IS NEW IN V3.1? The adventure installation does now work properly FlightZip reads the FS path for the register. This caused a problem for some of you. The problem is fixed. 128K

SceneryMover V1-a utility for FS2000 Professional. The installation utility Microsoft forgot! This program allows users with partial default scenery area installations to change which of the 50 scenery areas are installed on the hard drive with just a couple of mouse clicks. NOT tested with FS2000 Standard edition but should work satisfactorily with it. Requires VB5 runtime files.(these are probably already on your machine) Freeware. By Pete Pitman and Doug Horton. 25K
FS2000 BGLINSTALL.EXE compressing and decompressing scenery files. The detailed scenery files in Flight Simulator 2000 are compressed to reduce the amount of disk space required. The files are not encrypted, just compressed. If you're a user or developer who has modified and worked with .bgl files in previous versions of Flight Simulator, you'll need to use this free utility to compress and decompress .bgl files for Flight Simulator 2000.. File size 111737


Aircraft Installation Utility 4.0 for FS98 or FS2000. This Program simply copy all the file that constitute an aircraft, scenery or panel in the correct directories. It isn't a manager, this means that you need this program only if you want a simple and fast utility that with a couple of clicks can install your aircraft directly. By Francesco Aruta. 423K
FS2000 Gauge Files Remover Wipe Gauges 2.4 remove any gauge unused by FS2000. Allow scan, select, delete and backup the all unnecessary gauge files. This new version features: auto find the FS2000 path, better error control, various cosmetic changes, various bug fixes. By Felipe Torrezini. 2MB
FS2000 Keyboard Shortcut Table Landscape orientated table in Word format listing the FS2000 keyboard shortcuts. Zip contains both European A4 and US Letter size versions. By Tony Smith. File size 20k


Scenery Compression Utility - "bglzip" which makes it possible to compress and decompress scenery files eg. bgl's. This tool can be used in FS2000, since FS2000 can read compressed and decompressed bgl's. When creating new sceneries *.bgl's it might be a big advantage to compress those files. A compression will increase the performance of FS2000 when reading those files. 51K


a2v1_fs2000.zip - Patch file which allows FS2000 & Airport 2000 to be compatible. 9.4MB
Aircraft Organiser Utility Version 1.1 Much improved second version of a utility that allows you to move 'Aircraft' folders between the Flight Simulator Aircraft folder and an archive folder. Helps the user sort, manage, and group their aircraft. Version 1.1 contains many improvements and new features, including online help. Works with FS98 and FS2000. Some users have reported that it works with CFS as well. By Jason Cunningham. 1.5MB