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SUPERMARINE SEAFIRE F Mk 47 for FS2000 This model depicts an aircraft of No.800 Royal Naval Air Squadron in early 1950. Later in the year the squadron embarked aboard the carrier HMS Triumph and headed for the Korean conflict. The Mk 47 was the final version of the Seafire, the RAF Spitfire equivalent being the Mk 24. The Mk 47 featured a Rolls Royce Griffon V12 of 2,375 h.p. with contra-rotating propellors and had a top speed of 452 m.p.h. at altitude. Other navalised modifications included folding wings and a “sting” tailhook. The model does not have folding wings but otherwise, most parts that should move do so. The “pilot” is an approximate likeness of Alex Henshaw in his later years who tested every version of the Spitfire/Seafire whilst with Supermarine. By Chris Lampard. 211K

North American B-25B Mitchell Medium Bomber "End em' packin'" Design by Roger Dial (Blue Arrow FS) Flight model by Bruce Thorson (Blue Arrow FS) Sound by Mike Hambly (Blue Arrow FS) Repaint by J-P Demmerle. 2.1MB

FS2000 B-17F ROYAL AIR FORCE B-17F FS2000 Royal Air Force B-17F. A Boeing B-17 F Flying Fortress painted in RAF Mk.IIAA livery.The panel bitmap is based on an original photograph.The panel and sound pack feature individual engine startup/shutdown, fully night lightning, mini autopilot and very readable instruments.Original AD2000 plane by Herve Devred. B-17F repaint by Walter Myers.Fs2000 starter/magneto gauges by Chuck Dome,panel,sound pack and Fs 2000 flight dynamics by Jorgen Unschuld. 5MB

FS2000 B-17F ROYAL AIR FORCE B-17F fix FS2000 Royal Air Force B-17F. Fix for jub17raf.zip. Corrects the missing classical attitude gau. 30K

FS2000 Ryushu Shinden J7W1 Ryushu Shinden J7W1. Prototype which flew in August 1945. A very promising design, coming too late to see action. seized intact after the war, it was flown to the states, where it still stands at the National Air and Space Museum. Build with FSDS 1.5 b by Christophe Rosenmann. Original textures, moving parts and high details. 1.8MB

FS2000 package for the Fairey Fantome. This package replaces Fantome.zip. Aircraft by John Bulteel .Air file adapted from the Hawker Fury 1 .Air file by Chris Lampard. Sounds by Mike Hambly. Gauges by Dave Haskell and Jon Shepherd. 2.9MB
Updated FS2000 Douglas DC-3 'DC3-Airways' N1776 Based on the FS2K Douglas R4D-6 NATS v4.0 model.Features combined photorealistic/ handdrawn textures,open pax door with fully equipped luxurious cabin,chocks,locks,RBF flags,full moving parts,cockpit and cabin nightlighting.Uses the R4D panel by Bill Rambow and Roy Chaffin (not included in this package).By Jan Visser. 3.8MB

FS2000 Bellanca AirCruiser from 1932. Features panel, all moving parts and a true FS2000 .air file with start-up and shut-down engine sounds. Third in a series of early passenger liners by Tom Schaad. 667K

Gloster Meteor F Mk 8 for FS2000. Day fighter used by UK RAF 1940-50s, in the markings of 501 sqn. Includes panel, sounds and full moving parts; undercarriage, ailerons, elevators, rudders, nosewheel steering and airbrakes. A new FSDesign Studio Pro, aircraft model and texture and modified air file by Roger Hardy. Panel by Dave Haskell. 2MB

FS2000 Avro Lancaster Mk X C-GVRA CWH Museum Features include moving parts, reworked air file for FS2K, FS2K checklists and a new instrument panel. By Keith Clifford/Pegasus Aviation Design. 916K

American Overseas Airlines Boeing B 377 Stratocruiser for FS2000.Not for commercial sale. Not affiliated with or endorsed by American Airlines An aircraft simulation by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina. April 26, 2001 This aircraft simulation is the latest upgrade to the Stratocruiser series that I have been making since 1996. It is intended for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2000 only. It has full moving parts and textured propellers. Metal texture by Rui Cristina. 1.6MB