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FS2000-2002 Frontier Airlines Convair 340 Frontier Airlines Convair 340, registration N73121.- (from an original fs98 aircraft) Includes moving flaps, gear, and steerable nosewheel. Painted by David Grogg and Chris Grogg. Aircraft by K.Waugh, Tom Gibson and Dave McQueen. Flight dynamics by Mike Vidal. 690K
CFS2/FS2000 P-51D Mustang Tuskeegee of the 100th Fighter Group. This is a North American P-51D Bomber Escort . The Tuskeegee of the 100th Fighter groups Paint scheme. repaint-Robert Heun E-mail Note- There is no sound or panel on this aircraft. 2.6MB
CFS1/CFS2/FS2000 P51D Mustang "Daddy's Girl" This Aircraft represents the P-51D "Daddy's Girl" Flown by Capt. Ray Wetmore in East Wretham England in 1944. This Model has full moving parts. I Dedicate this Plane to my Daughter Jina Gandy. Uploaded by Steve GandyOriginal Model by: By Alain L'Homme Panel: Chris Arrington. 3.6MB
FS2002/FS2000/FS98/CFS1/CFS2 T-6 Harvard Mk.IIa T-6 Harvard of the South African Air Force (SAAF) This is a repaint representing a Harvard that served in the Training role for over 50 years with the South African Air Force. Includes OBJECT_DP and scenedb data to make all the weapons appear in CFS II. Original Designer unknown, was downloaded from http://www.flight_wz.com Textures by: W. Wright DP by: Felipe Belalcazar. 796K
Canadian Spitfire MK.XVIE Supermarine spitfire for fs2000- the greatest/most versatile prop driven fighter the world has ever known- Represented here as a mk.14e in the colours of well known Canadian spitfire MK.XVIE sl721 Fs2000 variant only! SPITFIRE CREATED BY: Andrew C Wai. PANEL: Copyright G.Vinet. CANADIAN SPITFIRE 'SL721' TEXTURES BY: E.Snoad. 2.3MB

FS2002/CFS2/FS2000 Arado 234 B-2a Jet. WW2 Luftwaffe Arado 234 B-2a twin engine turbojet of world war II. The Arado 234 B-2 was used for high altitude reconnaissance and bombing duties. This is a repaint of Hauke Keitel Arado 234 B-2. I have added authentic Jumo Turbo Jet engine sounds, engine flame effects, retounched skin colors, navigation lights and smoke effects. Enjoy, Original by Hauke Keitel, repaint by Ted Tingus. 11.2MB
CFS2/FS2000 AT-6 Texan: Modeled after a Converted Naval trainer I tried to make it as authentic As Possible. Textures done for use at the World wide virtual Air racing Course. Repaint By Robert "Hawk". 195K
CFS2/FS2000/FS2002 AT-6 Texan. : Originally From "Miss Behavin" Files I repainted this Texan to an original color 4 (scheme Gradients) Panel & Sound aliased to Default CFS2 Aircraft Repaint By Robert "Hawk". 219K
FS2002 vonBraun VTO Interceptor. The von Braun Interceptor was a VTO (vertical takeoff) rocket powered bird designed to take on the incoming allied bombers, kinda like the ME-163 Komet, unfortunately she never flew. Fully animated FSDS model with transparent textures, detailed skin (riviets), accurate FDE's, and other goodies. By: The Luft'46 Team & a little help from our friends :) 4.3MB
FS2000 Nieuport 28C.1. The Nieuport 28C.1 was developed in mid-1917 and was the first biplane fighter design produced by Nieuport that had relatively equal-chord upper and lower wings. In an attempt to compete with the superior performance of the Spad VII and the recently introduced Spad XIII. Fully animated FSDS model with transparent textures, detailed skin (riviets), accurate FDE's, and other goodies. By: Felipe Belalcazar. 3.4MB