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DC3 DDA v.1 This completely new FS2000 programmed model created with FSFD ,features fully moving parts night lightning effects of the cockpit, passengers cabin and pilots lights. Repainting of this model is not allowed without my permission. Original construction by Frans Vranken. 771K

CURTISS C46 447461 California ANG ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This flying model was made by Matt Standish and redesignated Dave McQueens thanks and credits to them. Ignacio Sanguineti and Raúl A. Rodríguez have changed in the .afx files, originally this model was painted as a Transocntinental C46 by Ignacio and Raul. ANG repaint by Don Gilham. 262K

North American P51-D for FS2000 Created with FS Design Studio Animated surfaces include flaps,ailerons rudder,elevator,gear. Other features are steerable tailgear,moving canopy, and radiator cooling vent. radios,GPS, and AP include also. By Mike Crosthwaite. 649K

Macchi M39 RACING FLYINGBOAT No,6 for FS2000 schneidertrophyrace was held with American HamptonRoads in 1926/11. The victory aircraft MacchiM39 of the year was made as a model. No.6 airplane? What? It doesn't exist so. Imagine it, and it is being made because it didn't find out the part of the parts composition of the metal wood mixture. Therefore, it was particularly made No.6 machine. panel and aircraft modering by,kouzou maki(Nickname:noraneko). 2.2MB

DC4 Swissair, FS98/2000 including panel & sounds. Original model, sounds and panel by ????. Painted by Tim Keckes. 3.2MB

FS2000 only. Albatros D V flown by Hptm Richard Flashar, sporting the "mailed gauntlet" motif and the "lozenge" fabric wing covering. Model features moving parts and virtual cockpit. By David Eckert. 1.2MB

FS2k/FS98/CFS Fokker T.V A medium range bomber build for the Dutch LVA In Dutch pre-war markings. With moving gear, flaps, rudder and props. Includes sound files. By Wim Regeer. 1.4MB

FS2000 P-51D Mustang P-51D-15-NA, 44-14888 GLAMOROUS GLEN III, flown by Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager, 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group, November 1944. Moving parts and night time textures for the virtual cockpit. Flight Model contains a true FS2000 airfile.Engine starts and shutdowns work. Sliding canopy activates when gear retracts.High detailed cockpit can be viewed from spot plane view.Pilots head turns left and right, with joystick movement.This is a fully funtional demo model and will be part of a forthcoming commercial release by Blue Arrow and FCS. FS2000 By Roger Dial (Blue Arrow FS)Sound by Mike Hambly. (Blue Arrow FS) Flight model by Bruce Thorson. 8.7MB

An upgrade for FS2000 of the most authentic DC-3 flight sim package. New photo-real dual panel, quadrant, and overhead panel. All new radios and auto pilot located on the overhead. Features realistic starting system. Sound pack, start-up and shutdown, recorded from actual DC-3. Real DC-3 flight dynamics. Illustrated manual. Self-extracting archive for easy, automatic installation. By Bill Rambow, Roy Chaffin, and Jan Visser. 12MB (!)

Alternative download point.

AP-2E Neptune "CEFLIEN LION" US Army This aircat was flown by the 1st Aviation Company (Radio Research) as a signals intelligence collection platform during the Vietnam War. The unit was based at Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam from 1967-1972. The model depicts aircraft Number 131492, the "Burbank Boomerang". Original aircraft design by Phillip Stokes. Repaint and mod by Bob Tremblay March 1999 Panel by Johan Crous, Antonov AN-70 1999 Rpainted Army Markings and added GPS by Jim Bennet. 1.8MB