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Vintage Page 8

P38-F 'Glacier Girl' at The Lost Squadron Museum. In 1992, a group of men and women headed to the eastern ice cap of Greenland to recover a P-38 Lightning lost 50 years earlier. They had to dig through over 200 feet of ice to reach the plane. Today, the plane that the team recovered is the center piece of the P-38 / Lost Squadron Museum. A team is currently working to restore the airplane. The Museum is a living memorial to the men and women who fought in World War II. 418K

CFS/FS2000 North American T-6 Harvard (Texan) IAF. Israel Air Force T-6 Harvard Texan trainer. Although originally designed as a trainer the T-6 was used during Israel's was of Independence as a Fighter. After the war the Harvardes were transfered to the flying school. and were used until the 1960's Today this Aircraft is based in the Israeli Air Force museum in Hazerim AFB and is in flight condition. Including Full moving parts. Original Aircraft :Unknown.(please tell us if you know) Repaint: Nir Ben-Josef. 221K


FS2000/CFS2 Grumman F7F Tigercat. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts and a custom panel. The CFS-based flight model was tweaked for carrier ops. By Chuck Dome. 415K

CFS/FS2000 North American T-6 Harvard (Texan) USAF. USAF T-6 Harvard Texan trainer. Full moving parts. Repaint: Nir Ben-Josef. 275K

United States Air Force Boeing C97G Stratocfreighter for FS2000 with transparent cockpit windows, night textures, and all new high detail textures. A joint effort by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina. 1MB


CFS/FS2000 Avia S-92 (Me-262A-1a) with panel & sound files. Avia S-92 was the postwar version of Messerschmitt Me-262 Schwalbe, used by Czechoslowak Air Force. Moving parts, transparent canopy, sound and panel. Design: Bernd Drefahl. Panel, sound: ABACUS, Gauges: Stefan Geissler. Repaint, completation for CFS/FS2000: Tibor Stilz. 2.9MB


FS2000 1932 Boeing F4B-4 This FSDS design features full moving parts, is painted for the Carrier Lexington in 1932, has a panel based on Jack Hill's Curtiss F11C2 and an .air file that permits very short carrier landings. By Paul Clawson. 497K

FS2K Douglas R4D-6 NATS version 4.0 Visual Model Upgrade. For use with 'wjrdc34a.zip' and 'wjrdc34b.zip'(here) (also works with the MAAM Douglas R4D-6 donationware CD's FS2K version) (here) This upgrade contains the following modifications and enhancements a.o. : all new 32bit high res.photoreal textures, spinning prop animation,chocks,control locks,RBF flags,corrected open/close cabin door problem,additional night texturing,landing lights,all pax seats added,etc.By Jan Visser. 4.7MB