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Helicopters Page 35

FS2002 AS 341G Gazelle. Full GMax Model. Multiple textures included. Multiple part download. By Cyril Pioffe. 6.2MB

Panel Update: 2k_

This File is all you need . The files below are additional extras.


Optional Alternative Sounds Volume 1: Alternative Sounds. 15.6MB

Optional Add-on : Volume 2: 10 Extra Model Files. 6MB

Optional Add-on : Volume 3: 12 Extra Textures Pack. 14.4MB

FS2002 AS332 Spanish SAR. Designer: Dirk Fassbender. Repainted by Jorge Gil Monzon. 2MB
FS2002 North Carolina Division of Forest Resources UH-1H Huey Originally designed for FS2002 but will work well in CFS2 as well. Although this is not an actual reproduction, the NC Division of Forest Resources does own and operate several of these helicopters and they are painted very similar to the one depicted here. Includes water drop effect by Giovanni "Nanni" Cignoni. I hope you enjoy my repaint of Mr. Jordan's excellent UH-1H. Repaint by Bruce Long. 2.2MB
FS2002 Robinson R22 Beta II. The R-22 model has been developed in GMAX 1.2 and features a virtual cockpit , reflective textures , moving controls, animated rotors , custom gauages and opening doors. An attempt has been made to model the R22's sensitive controls as such you will probably find this model harder to fly than the default B206 in FS2002. The 2D cockpit is fairly basic , although the model is really designed to be flown from the virtual cockpit. By Gilles ARlove. 4.1MB
FS2002 AS-350 Squirrel SkyFOX 8 (Designed with FSDS1 - will not work correctly in FS2004). This is a repaint of Frans Vranken's AS-350 Squirrel in the livery of Cleveland, Ohio's WJW SkyFOX 8 news helicopter. Repainted by Steve Szabo. 5.6MB
FS2002 only CH-47D Chinook KLU. Original model by Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim. 5.8MB
FS2002/2000 MBB BO105 SRFW. MBB BO105 CBS Dutch trauma-helicopter. This helicopter is used to bring doctors to severe accidents and take patients to hospital. It's an other repaint of Ian Stanfast's great work. Panel with some Overhead Switches by Peter Salzgeber. Repaint by Jan Vos. 3.8MB
FS2002 Aerospatiale AS-350 BlackIron private livery. Original model and textures by Frans Vranken. Repainted by Luis Silva. 5.3MB
more helicopters...