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FS 2002 MBB BO105 SRFW. MBB BO105 CBS Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht. A serie of this Rescue Helicopter are being in service in Switzerland before the REGA have change to the Agusta A109K2. All knowed bugs from my previously repaints are fixed in this variation.It's an other repaint of Ian Stanfast's great work. It contains also a reworked Panel with some Overhead Switches.By Peter Salzgeber. 4.7MB
HELI-HUD: For FS2002: Designed for the Stock BELL206 FS2002 Helicopter (or it's derivatives) using the new XML gauge format for minimal impact on frame rate and maximal response from FS2002. For screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 or greater, in 3d mode. A full hud, with moving displays and digital readouts, that will greatly aid a novice Helicopter Pilot learning to fly, or will allow an expert to fine tune their skills. Very accurate and very sensitive, giving the pilot total control over the Helicopter. By Steve Hanley. 1.3MB
FS2002 Hughes 500MD/TOW Kenyan Airforce Totally new model with Highly realistic textures of aircraft reg: 518 of the kenyan Airforce. Implemented are nightlighting, Landinglights, navlights, moving pilots, glass canopy, moving visor, panel and sounds Model and Texures by: Bjorn Groen airfile by: Ian Standfast. 1.5MB..... FS2000 version below

FS2002 Aerospatiale HH-65A Includes Panel, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit, high power light of search up to 200 feet and Sound System. Designed by:Manuel Gonzalez. 16.4MB

FS2000 version - same but does not include dynamic virtual cockpit. 14.6MB

FS2002 AF Rescue SH3 Repaint by Fred Platt. This repaint is meant to be a replica of the Seaking HAR3/HAR3A helicopter in use by 'A' flight of 22 squadron of the RAF, based in Chivenor (You can find it in the FS2002 airports, it is in the UK). The original helicopter was made by Manuel Gonzalez. 8MB
Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 By Michael Carr. Seahorse Bay Helicopter Tours, located on the islands of Hawaii, is the #1 virtual stop for viewing the tropical paradise that are the Hawaiian Islands. For Helicopter enthusiasts, these bases are accesable only by Helo, boat, and by small aircraft at the Kaalaiki runway terminal (HI25). Detailed scenery based on 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, featuring static SHB Tour Helos, SHB ground vehicles, custom signs, terminals, open air hangers, lots of small details (eye candy). 3.5MB
FS 2000/2002 Sound System For Helicopter eurocopter Bo105 and others of this Type. Sound System by:Manuel Gonzalez Include two Air file for Helicopter Bo105 CBS and Bo105 LF Designed by: Ian Standfast. 2.9MB
FS2002 NEW Version of Kiowa Warrior ,with New Skids,New Rotoreffects and NEW Textures!!!!! Bell`s multimission OH-58D (AHIP) is the ultimate high-technology Scout helicopter in all altitude conditions.Its simplified,sophisticated control-displays system allows crews to do their job more effectively.From the advanced cockpit,to the Mast-Mounted sight ,to the overall dynamics,this aircraft will meet the Army`s needs far into the future .Premiered on Simviation.com. Now with NEW Textures , make by Jens Ole ,Thanky You!:-)) New High Skid version. Emanuel Dietz(manni). 2MB
FS2002 Enhanced rotor-wash effect. Adds some spray and mist over the default effect. The screenshot doesn't do it justice.56K
FS2002 Agusta Westland EH101/CH-149 Comorant Designed by Brian Whitelegg using FSDS. Author Brian Whitelegg/ David Travers For FS-2002 This is a repaint of Brian Whitelegg's Augusta Westland EH-101. The CH-149 Comorant is the replacement for the aging CH-113 Labrador as Canada's primary Search & Rescue Helicopter. One of 12 slated for delivery in 2002, Tail # 14903 assigned to 413 Transport & Rescue Squadron C.F.B. Greenwood, Nova Scotia. 6.9MB



FS2002 Boeing Vertol 107. By Rey Lopez. 324K