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Helicopters Page 9
SAR Helicopter V1.0 Sikorsky SH-3 For FS 2000/2002 Designed by: Manuel Gonzalez . 17.4MB
FS2002 BELL 206B CHANNEL 9 Real livery for this australian TV 206B. Registration VH-TVJ. Complete aircraft. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 378K

FS2002 Helicopter Scenery - Colorado Fire/Rescue related scenery by C.Young author of the Beulah Series. Includes over 90 marked helicopter landing pads/LZs, 8 towns, 8 mountain chalets, two heliports, several hospitals, air crashes, rescues, brush fires, car fire, boat fire, and helo fire. 13.7MB
FS2002 Modern generic helicopter panel New design with PDF & MFD of the 777!. Use only custom gauges. Easy installation.By Jean-Jacques Parel. 52K
FS2000 & FS2002 AS 350 Eurocopter squirrel repaint in channel Seven news. textures only. (Requires Aerospatiale Ecureuil AS-350 B2 Monaco Air available here if required) Repainted y Jeremy Thompson thanks to Simon Hallet for the help. 840K
Hughes h500 Fuerza Aerea Argentina, Original: Björn Büchner & Mikko Maliniemi. 1.9MB

Repaint of Jean-Pierre Langer, Arne Bartels and Frans Vranken's Ecureuil AS-350 by Charlie Young. This is repainted as Baptist Life Flight of Pensacola Florida in honor of their 25th Aniversary. 5.3MB

Updated Textures for Charlie Young's repaint of AS350 as Baptist Life Flight of Pensacola. Textures only. Required download of the full aircraft file with orighnal repaint. Contains more accurate markings. 165K

FS2002 Bell UH-1H Huey by Jordan Moore. This special Father's Day 2002 edition of the Bell UH-1H Huey is dedicated to my dad Sam Moore. This helicopter and its variant models represented a significant portion of my father's combat and rescue flying career. I couldn't help but fall in love with this helicopter growing up. 3.1MB
FS2002 Search and Rescue: Three Search and Rescue sceneries by C.Young to compliment the (above) These are stand alone and do not require the series to work properly. Fly your favorite chopper or fixed wing and search for a missing B-17, T-6 training plane, or A-Star Helicopter. You are given minimal instructions and you must find the aircraft. 268K
RepaintKit/SDK for UH-1H (above) By Jordan Moore For those wanting to repaint and or modify the huey. This package contains graphics source files for textures, as well as FSDS object source files. 8.1MB