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FS2002 Beechcraft Beechjet 400. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts, including rolling wheels. Also includes a high-res cockpit interior and a custom panel with custom gauges. By Chuck Dome. 2.3MB
FS2002 Bombardier RJ200-LR AIR CANADA Canadair Regional Jet Aircraft SN: 7155 / Reg_ ID: C-FZAQ Rev6 with Max Moving Parts including spinning fans and night effects. Author: Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 167K
FS2000/FS2002 BR ERJ-145/140/135 new aircraft by Nick Botamer, flight models by Sam Chin. Freeware by Bill Grabowski, FPDA. The model was built from scratch in FSDS. Some parts as well as some of the textures have been used from other aircraft with permission of the original author(s). Specifically, I would like to thank the following people for their help in working on this plane. Bill Grabowski, Dee Waldron, Dean Chamblee, David Randolph, Ron Woodruffe, Sam Chin, Kevin Au, and others that I may have forgotten to list. 766K

FS2002 B747-400 Smoke. This package includes all you need to add smoke to the default FS2002 B747-400. Kyle Bateman and Owen Hewitt. 32K

FS2002 B737-400 Smoke. This package includes all you need to add smoke to the default FS2002 B737-400. Kyle Bateman and Owen Hewitt. 67K
FS 2000/2002 AIR DOLOMITI CRJ200 original and flight model "Robert Versluys" repaint in Air Dolomiti by "Massimo Grassi" full 3 d texture,movimg parts,night effects. 784K V.1.0 Default 747-400 Aircraft Repaint - By Miguel A. Martinez This is a repaint of the default 747 in FS2002. Contains logo (bunny). Main fuselage maily black with white tail. 540K
BA Concorde for FS2002. The FDE was reworked for FS02
The new FS02 panel features a Visor, Heads up Taxi view, and an Engineers panel. By John J Schumacher / Schu Engineering. 4MB

FS2002 737-300 Sun Country Textures only for default 737. Boeing 737-400 Sun Country Re-paint for FS2002. 737 model by Microsoft. Freeware blank textures by Matt Naragon. Repaint by Christian Mogensen. 355K
FS2002 Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-ER Atlantic Southeast Airlines Reg ID: N867AS A Delta Connection operator in the ASA"Wavy Gravy" Livery New ver6 with Max Moving Parts and night lighting effects. Design: Barry Blaisdell ASA Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 328K

FS2002 Bombardier RJ200-ER Northwest Jet AirLink "Spirit of Memphis Belle" Operated by Express Airlines 1 Inc. Aircraft SN: 7390 / Reg# N8390A. Ver 6 with Full Moving Parts including Engines with spinning Fan blades, Night Effects and FS2002 Air File Author: Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 214K
Air Jamaica Textures for the default 737-400 for FS2002 By Michael Carr. 1.5MB