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Civil Jets Page 11
FS-2002/000 AeroMexico MD-83 by REPA Estudios In 1988 Airships of Mexico (Now AeroMexico) their first McDonell incorporated Douglas MD-83 to substitute at the DC-9-15, At the moment AeroMexico has a fleet of 9 MD-83 that next to their siblings MD-82 MD-88 are 36 MD's.By Antonio Reyes P. 445K



FS2002 Team Canada 2002 Boeing 737-400 Repaint By : Corey Bell This is a repaint of the default Boeing 737-400 (textures only). 853K
FS2000/FS2002KLM Cargo B747-212B . Painted in a Billboard livery, circa 1990. Features moving flaperons, spoilerons, ailerons, elevators, rudder, and fan blades, tilting bogies, gear bays, night lighting, flashing beacons, transparent cockpit windshield with 3D pilots. Designed by Mitsushi Yutaka and Hiroshi Igami. Flight Dynamics by Posky. Tested by Project-Opensky members. Repaint by Cor Janse. 3.8MB
FS2002 Philippine Airlines B737-400 EI-CVO, textures only. Repaint of the default FS2k2 B737_400 in Philippine Airlines livery. Bert Co. 967K
Ultimate Airlines FS2k2 Button fix. This file replaces all the old buttons that read FS2000, with ones that read FS2002. This file also includes both new and old images, so there is no need to back them up, it is done automatically. Images modified, and file created by Eric Marenyi. 113K

FS2002 DETA-Linhas Aereas Mozambique B707-320C Registration: CS-ACD Based on real aircraft "70`s collection" Fotorealistic textures and metallic colours, full moving parts, including flaps, slats, elevators rudder, spoilers, gear bays, gears (all 3D), rotating engine fans and steerable front wheels, plus 3D cockpit with pilots. Night lights effects with new VHF antenna on the vertical stabilizer. Own fotorealistic classic panel with full inside views. Full Manuals. Original by Gary Carson/Gary Jones Panel, upg/02 and Paint by Mario Coelho. 5.8MB

FS2002 Belgian Air Force Embraer ERJ-135 This aircraft of the 15th Air transport wing is the first ERJ-135 to be delivered to the Belgian air Force in June 2001. Two ERJ-135 and two ERJ-145 was acquired by the BAF to replace his olds Hawker Syddeley 748 and Merlin IIIA. This aircraft is based at Melsbroek Airbase near Brussels. Original aircraft by Nick BOTAMER Repaint by Fabien PREVOST. 745K

Update : Fix a problem with the night textures 30K

FS2000/2002 Boeing 707-320 Fuerza Aerea Espaņola This Boeing 707 is used by the Spanish Airforce as Vip Transport and cargoplane. This model features: High-res textures, Night- lighting and is fully animated. Original design by: The historic Airliner Group FSDS Pro model and animation: Gary Carlson FS2k FDE: Michael Verlin Repaint by: Bjorn Groen. 2MB

FS2002 757-200 EUROFLIGHT 'BR' High quality high resolution textures with aluminum sheen and a touch of weathering. All textures optimized for maximum framerates and visual quality. Dark day windows and special night lighting and tinting. This model is all- new from Euroflight. Repaint by Alex Mendes. 2.3MB

FS2002 Otawa Senators Boeing 777-300 textures only. Repaint By : Corey Bell. 845K