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Civil Jets Page 16
FS2002 Aircraft- TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES Boeing 757-200 Version 2.0. TThis plane has it all: Highly detailed and fully accurate textures, radiant strobe lights and landing lights, full moving parts including control surfaces and landing gear, spinning engine blades, night cabin window illumination, transparent cockpit, and excellent performance that will not destroy your frame rates. Aircraft is stable at cruise altitude and does not rock up and down. All other problems have been fixed. Lights by Jeff Montelongo, everything else By Brandon Williams. 487K
FS2002 INTER Mozambique Embraer 170. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, including rolling wheels. Also includes a JET series panel, most custom gauges and a dynamic virtual cockpit. Designer Chuck Dome Panel and Paint by Mario Coelho. 3MB
FS2002 Airbus A320-200 All new model designed from scratch using GMAX. Model has fully animated parts including functional suspension and folding landing gear struts. Includes 5 major liveries - Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Northwest and US Air with full night lighting. Includes custom panel using default gauges. This version fixes several problems. By Mike Stone. 594K
FS 2002 B737-300 Lufthansa Replacement Textures by: Ronald Peischl. 920K
Project Airbus A300 flight dynamics file for FS2002. well, everyone that owns a project airbus A300, and would like to flight it with style and nice flight dynamics, you can just overwrite this so called "fixer" for the Airbus A300 flightdynamics, from project airbus, for fs2002. if oyu would like to use it for fs2000, be my guest and do it, but i havent try it out in fs2000, so, its more likely to work in fs2002. 7K

FS2002 Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E INTER Mozambique Highly accurate FSDS model, with good flight dynamics (FS2002 only). Includes a basic 3 JETS panel (needs FS2000 Concorde.gau here) Based on "Eastern African" flag for INDIC OCEAN Routes in 70`s decade. Model and Animation by David Maltby Panel and Paint by Mario Coelho. 3.4MB
FS2002 Fokker 100 - Tam Brazilian Airlines v1.0 Made by Raphael Paiva. On the pic, above the Rio de Janeiro City, near of Santos Dumont Airport.Registration PT-MRD. Turbine fan moving. With lights, full moving parts, atc, night effects. You can see this plane operates on the route Pampulha-Campinas or Cabo Frio-Santos Dumont. Well, i hope that you like so much. Use the Euroflight - EFG model. Default painel of b737 and sound. Good flights. Upload by Joxer. 1.4MB

FS2002 Bombardier Challenger 604 INTER Mozambique NEW "Rabbit Project" An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, a transparent cockpit, NEW Model with remodelated textures and full night lights external views. A custom panel with custom gauges or Upgrade panel for "" Designer: Chuck Dome. Panel and Paint by Mario Coelho. 1MB

FS2002 HS121 Trident 2E BEA 'Red Square' (G-AVFB) Repaint by Tom Matthews. FSDS Model, Animation by David Maltby. 880K
Spirit Of America - Repaint of the FS2002 default 747 in Patriotic colors - textures files only. . Repaint by: James Daniels. 1.2MB