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Civil Jets Page 37
Austrian Airlines MD87. For FS2002. New GMAX model by FSPainter. Rolling wheels, animated spoilers, spoilerons, flaps, landing gear and thrust reverse. Mainly intended for AI use. Original model, FDE and textures by FSPainter. Repaint by Misha Kovacevic. 502K
McDonnell Douglas DC9-10 in Northwest Airlines colors for FS2002 and FS2000. This aircraft was designed with FSDS. It features a 40 sided fuselage, 40 sided engines, night lighting, and control surface and gear animation. Model and Textures by Charles Dayhuff. Airfile by Sam Chin. Also includes a DC9 panel designed by Jim Waters. Pilots designed by David Eckert. Aluminum engine textures by Erick Cantu. 4.5MB
Lider Group Dassault Falcon 900EX GMAX made aircraft with Maximum moving parts and night lighting, FS 2002-style lights. Requires addition of a panel. Aircraft by Peter Brun. 692K

FS2002 Aircraft CONCORDE V3 AIR FRANCE - FULL PACKAGE Based on FS2K Concorde (needs Concorde 2000 gauge) Include Full cockpit views, Panel and Sound by Mario Coelho. 12.4MB
BR Boeing 767-200ER . Project Opensky Boeing 767-200ER Livery, Features Photorealistic textures, Repainted by Alex Mendes. 2MB
BR McDonnell Douglas DC9-32 . Model includes rolling wheels, smoke trails, opening doors and stairs, accurate flaps deployement, reversers... . Model and FDE by Vans Aircraft. BR textures by Alex Mendes. 3MB
BR AIRBUS A330-200. Aircraft by Project OpenSky. Repainted by Alex Mendes. 1.4MB
FS2002 EasyJet Boeing 737-300 G-EZYP Painted in the 2001 billboard scheme. Features include, day and night textures, full moving parts (Gear, flaps, rudders, engine fans, etc.) Original: Mauricio Vanscoit Repainted by Michael Bouter. 1.5MB
FS2002 A310-203 House Colors Version 1 All-new GMAX Airbus A310-203 in demonstrator livery. Full range of animation. Open for repaint by the flightsim community. Flight dynamics by Frank Weiss. 3D model and textures by Harald Nehring. 964K
FS2002 Cyprus Airways A319 Paint by Christos Christodoulides Model by IADG and Christos Christodoulides Panel by Giovanni Combattelli. 3.4MB