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Civil Jets Page 53
FS2002 aircraft..Meljet Boeing 747-400 V3 repaint in the Qantas Wunala livery these textures are reflective and Semi-photorealistic original by: Mevin Rafi ( Repaint by : Tom Harlaar. 3.2MB
Airbus A320-200 My Travel. 391K
FS2002 Italian Air Force A319-112 Features fully moving parts. (Gears and doors, rotating engine fans, rudder, slats, flaps, elevator & ailerons). Panel included by: Marco Spada This is the first ever A319 to be delivered. Aircraft by: IADG Textures: Painted by: Antonio Cossu . 594K

BritishAerospace C4SST (fictional aircraft) Pacific Airs Livery repainted By Robert "Hawk" Night Textures designed by Myself as well. But the real credit goes out to Nick pike who created this awesome Aircraft & Panel. 3.8MB

Update I realize I overlooked some Gauges files that will create some problems in some gauges on the panel to show up so here they are These Mistakes were spotted by the author of this Magnificent Aircraft Also included is a jpeg Image to use for the reference Thanks -Robert "Hawk". 2.7MB

FS2002 Allegro Boeing 727-200 "blue decoration" Designer: Mike Stone. Repainted by Antonio Reyes. 740K
Queens Royal Flight Falcon 2000. Falcon 2000 model by Mike Stone Repainted by Ashley Flynn. 464K
BOEING 747-400 Lufthansa D-ABVD. Model Designer Project Opensky: : C. Vincent Cho Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C,Daniel FDE Advisor's : Nick Peterson, Simon Ng Hin Tat Quality Control : Simon Ng Hin Tat Tested : Project-Opensky Members Master textures : C. Vincent Cho Painted : Jaco du Preez. 2MB
BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES A330-200. Project Opensky Airbus 330-200 Version 2002.5.0 FS2002 Only Engine Type: GE CF6-80E1 Model Designers Shervin Ahooraei Flight Dynamics Designer Warren C. Daniel Paint Designer C. Vincent Cho Technical Resource Simon Ng Nick Peterson. Repainted By Shahriar Zaman. 2.6MB
FS2002 US AIRWAYS A319-112 US Airways Features fully moving parts (Gears and doors, rotating engine fans, rudder, slats, flaps, elevator & ailerons). Registration: N746UW Aircraft by: IADG Textures: US AIRWAYS Painted by: Antonio Cossu. 988K
TAM Boeing 737- 300 - New FSDS V1 MODEL for FS2002 TAM - FSDS designer and texture J R Lucariny. 898K