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Civil Jets Page 66
FS2002 Japan Airlines 777-246 Repaint of the new meljet Boeing 777-200 in the new colourscheme of JAL. Original by Meljet ( Repainted by Ben Jones. 3.2MB

FSPainter A-330-300 RR 3 livery pack - Cathay Pacific, DragonAir and Garuda Indonesia for AI and flyable if you like to, framerate friendly. Effects included in the folder. Foldel include 3 livery Cathay Pacific, DragonAir and Garuda Indonesia. Thank you to FSP for the great model. Repaint By:Djuhari. 1.6MB

FS2002 Project Fokker 100 Air France by Britair. Textures only. Repaint of the PF10070 Fokker 100 in Air France by Britair livery. The PF10070 GMAX AIRCRAFT-module is required for using this livery. For more information, go to Use PF10070 Fokker 100 with TAY-650 engines and Downward Passenger Door model (dpd). By Alexandre Cadel. 1.7MB
FS2002pro - Falcon 50 Italian air Force Textures only. CAEA version 2002 - Textures for Dassault-Aviation Falcon 50 wearing the colors of Italian air Force. Requires the fantastic F-50 package available here. Repainted by Antonio Cossu. Many thanks to Yannick Lavigne. 9MB
FS2002 Convair CV-880 Cathay Pacific A repaint of Rey Lopez' lovely Convair 880 in Cathay Pacific livery as VR-HZA. This aircraft, designed in FSDS2, has reflective bodywork with metal underbelly, wings and engines, transparent cockpit with pilots, opening forward passenger door, two 2D cockpits (jumpseat and captain) and a virtual cockpit. Cathay Pacific operated the CV-880 between 1962 and 1974, having eight in the fleet at one time. Repaint by Mark Beaumont. 1.6MB
Project Opensky BOEING C-17A Iberia Cargo Livery repaint for FS 2002 by Edmundo Martinez 32-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique) Maximum moving parts (all highly detailed) night lighting, FS 2002-style lights. Design: Owen Hewitt with assistance of Gary Carlson, Jim Goldman & Hiroshi Igami. Textures: Edmundo Martinez. Animation: Mitsushi Yutaka Flight Dynamics: by Steve Small. 2.7MB
Boeing 737 Myanmar Airways International default 737 textures. by Robby Pauletto. 1.2MB
Fs2002 United Nations Boeing 747-200 Copyrights: This aircraft is made by Project Open Sky Model Designers : Mitsushi Yutaka & Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C. Daniel @ FDE V1.8 Test Pilots : Project Open Sky Members FDE Advisor / 747 Data : Simon Ng Hin Tat Painted : Michael Pietzsch Panel : Michael Pietzsch. 2.9MB
Project Opensky BOEING 777-200 Lufthansa D-ABMX (fictional) FOR FS2002 Copyrights: This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky Model Designers : Mitsushi Yutaka & Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C.Daniel
Test Pilots : Project Opensky Members Painted : Joerg Potthoff. 1.8MB
 Orbit 737-700. Orbit Airlines is a low-cost airline based at Phoenix, Arizona. Repaint by Kyle Schurb. 856K