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FS2002 "Red Arrows" Display Team Full Package Includes all files otherwise available separately in REDPACK1.ZIP, REDPACK2.ZIP, REDPACK3.ZIP, REDPACK4.ZIP and REDPACK5.ZIP. Mikko Maliniemi's single BAe Hawk with a minor texture upgrade by Mark Beaumont; a flyable formation four, "Gypo Section"; and the full "Diamond Nine" formation of nine "Red Arrows" aircraft of Britain's Royal Air Force. All aircraft have display smoke effects, transparent cockpits and a new panel by Mark Beaumont with appropriate internal/external views and HUD by Eric Marciano. Single and formation four have full moving parts. Formations work in FS2000 without lights and smoke effects. Original FSDS design by Mikko Maliniemi. Model modifications for display team packaging by Kari Virtanen. 'Red Arrows' livery, and overall packaging, by Mark Beaumont. File name: REDPACK.ZIP

Or available in separate downloads:

Redpack 1 The Aircraft 2.3MB

Redpack 2 Version 2 of a flyable formation of four "Red Arrows" 2.9MB

Redpack 3 A flyable formation of the full nine "Red Arrows" 2.9MB

Redpack 4 "Red Arrows" Package Gauges, Effects and Documents - Required by the "Red Arrows" Display Team aircraft found in REDPACK1.ZIP, REDPACK2.ZIP and REDPACK3.ZIP which comprise a single BAe Hawk, a flyable formation four and the full "Diamond Nine" configuration of nine aircraft. 2.3MB

Redpack 5 "Red Arrows" Display Team Sounds Recommended sound package by Martin Schwanke and Mike Hambly: REDPACK5.ZIP 16.8MB

See - upgrade pack below

Rainbow smoke upgrade available here

FS2002 Red Arrows Display Team Upgrade Pack Requires 'Red Arrows' Full Package REDPACK.ZIP or individual aircraft files REDPACK1.ZIP, REDPACK2.ZIP or REDPACK3.ZIP, together with gauges and documents found in REDPACK4.ZIP.(all available above) This official upgrade adds extra selection options giving external (forward) views flying as 'Red Seven' at the tail of 'Gypo Section' and the 'Diamond Nine'. Panel also upgraded by the addition of a transponder, a panel-mounted smoke activation switch with authentic 'Red One' voice commands recorded by Michael Ellis and a fully operational stopwatch; both gauges specially made by Matt Kaprocki. Document updates include illustrated panel layout. 'Reds' panel requires FS2000 'concorde.gau'. Original aircraft by Mikko Maliniemi, formations by Kari Virtanen, modified and packaged by Mark Beaumont. 3.3MB
FS2002 "Red Arrows" BAe Hawk T.Mk1 A Upgrade. FS2002 lights fix by Paul Pridwales for Mikko Maliniemi's single "Red Arrow" BAe Hawk. Requires previous installation of REDPACK1.ZIP (above). The lights fix will rid your Hawk of the annoying effect of 'balloon' lights, prevalent in many aircraft that were converted from FS2000 to FS2002. Applicable to any other Hawk that uses Mikko's FSDS model file. Also included is the single's main fuselage texture saved 'without mips", for those who find this produces sharper images onscreen. "Red Arrows" packaging by Mark Beaumont. File name: RED1UPD.ZIP. 298K
FS2002 JMSDF Lockheed P-2V7 "Neptune" JMSDF Lockheed P-2C "Neptune" full moving parts model for FS2002 only. P-2V7 was a submarine hunter operated by Japan Maritime Self Defence Force until P-2J (turboproped and modernized version of P-2V7) appeared. Designed by Tomohito UNAYAMA, Dynamics by Adrian Brausch and Michael R. Cantrell. Panel by Michael Vader & repaint By Barry Magann. 1.8MB
FS2002 NASA Boeing 747-123 Shuttle Carrier -FIRST STEP. This is the first step of my new 747-123 for FS2002. It is not finished yet, but you can fly it well during daytime. Expect new updates in the future. Designed by Sandro Bernardini. 4.6MB
FS2002 Pro ANG Lockheed C-130E MAFFS Hercules. Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System equipped for fighting forest fires. ANG Tail Number 62-1851. Operating from the 146th Airlift Wing, Channel Island Air National Guard Station, California, USA.Please check the readme file on installing the FX File needed for the MAFFS Effect. FS2002 Std Users can use this plane by changing the panel to one of the C130 panels available on the net. Design and Paint by Barry Blaisdell (PAD), Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem. 332K
DASSAULT MIRAGE 4000 Fuerza Aerea Argentina for FS2002 Package including aircraft and panel. Aircraft designed with GMax, including moving parts, night lighting and virtual cockpit. Panel includes brand new gauges developed for this aircraft (radar, HUD, MFD and others). This package also features some goodies, like automatic vapor trails. By Romain Lucas and Eric Marciano. Repaint By Andrew Whitney. 2.7MB
Su-27k 'Flanker' for FS2002. With full working gear and bays, airbrake, lights, elevons and high res textures. Sounds and panel included.Thanks to Ixnet for the panel. Designed by Peter Davies. 11.1MB
B-52 SIOP: Repaint of Kotaro Akikawa's (Bonzonie) mega popular & multi compatible Boeing B-52H (links here) in the SIOP three colour camouflage livery of the Vietnam era. For FS2002. Textures only. Aircraft painted by Craig White. 1.1MB