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FS2002 Dassault Mirage IIIR2Z SAAF Mirage IIIR2Z, 855, of No 2 Sqn South African Air Force. Four reconnaissance Mirage IIIR2Z supplemented the original four Mirage IIIRZ aircraft in 1974. They got the more powerful Atar 9K-50 engine. Model by Daniel and Denis da Silva. Flight model by Jason Ashworth Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjølberg. 765K
FS2002 Pro Shorts C-23B Sherpa Twin Turboprop Utility Transport U S Air Force Europe (USAFE) Tail Number_10-00461 from the 10th Military Air Squadron Zweibrücken AB/Germany With FULL Moving Parts & Night Effects Including operating Rear Cargo Ramp Design: Barry Blaisdell USAFE Paint: Bernhard Behle Premier Aircraft Design. 363K
FS2002 Japan Air Self Defense Force E-2C texture only. Requires the E-2C by Mr. Rick Sasala (here). 808K
Antonov An-26 for FS2002 Livery - Ukraine Navy SAR. Completely animated model, is created in GMAX 1.1. Light cargo transport, the most widely popular plane in this class in the countries of East Europe and China. The version 2.0. Fires, move of wheels are added, aerodynamics is corrected. Autor Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, Ukraine. 561K
FS2002 RAF Harrier GR7 Once of DSB Design's earlier models, this Harrier GR7 is flown in the markings of No 1 Squadron Using the flight dynamics provided by Jim Atkins this remarkable aircraft can perform STOL operations from short strips or aircraft carriers. FSDS Design by David Brice, DSB Design. Flight Dynamics by Jim Atkins. Panel by Phil Perrott. 915K
Repaint of a 617 'Dambuster' Sqn Tornado GR1 now based at RAF Lossiemouth,Morayshire,Scotland. Original Gulf War/UK freeware aircraft file can be downloaded from WWW.GIOCLEM.COM. This repaint by Paul Heaton.Aircraft and original files created by Giovanni Clemente. 7.3MB
U.S. Army Virtual RC-7B ARL/M Crazy Hawk - Textures only Conversion The RC-7B Crazy Hawk is the US Army's multifunction, day/night, all weather reconnaissance intelligence asset developed and fielded in support of an urgent requirement for a low profile intelligence aircraft. Textures only, requires the dash7v1.zip file. Repaint by Tom Woods. 1.3MB
Boeing CF-18/A Hornet C.A.F. "Snowbirds" With the majority of Canada's CT-114 Tutor trainers being recently decomissioned, this is my fictional representation of a vision for the Snowbirds Air Demonstration Team's future aircraft should their Tutors follow. Full moving parts with updated model and air file, created by Dean Reimer. 630K
FS 2002 - Fuerza Aerea Argentina Morane Saulnier MS-760 Paris (E-241) Repaint by FERNANDO PABLO ATANASOPULO Includes aircraft and panel package By Jean-Francois Martin. 5MB

IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) F-14A for fs2000 or 2002,the F-14 has fs2002 version but I can not make desert texture with the 2002 version, It contained all player needed, But it have no cockpit because the canopy is opaque,the original model is not opaque but when I testing new texture the canopy became opaque, I can not solve this problem . Original by DINO CATTANEO. 4.4MB

UPDATE : Fix - fixes transparent window. 96K