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FS2002 FSDS 2.0 F-86 D SABRE (this is the 1st release of an aircraft designed in the new FSDS V2 program) The first XP-86 prototype flew on 1 October 1947, powered by a 3,750-pound thrust G.E. J35 engine. After it was re -engined with a more powerful G.E. J47 turbojet the following spring, it was redesignated the YP-86A, and exceeded the speed of sound in a shallow dive. This model is fully animated with clear openning canopy, stearable nose wheel, rolling wheels, reflective textures, vc detailed pilot figure, spoilers, smoke system with contrails and FS2002 lights. FDE, paint, and model by:Rey Lopez. 1.2MB

see virtual cockpit update below

A new Panel bitmap & gauges for Rey Lopez's great looking F-86 Sabre (above) . Added just a few gauges to add some annimation to the VC while flying. Roger "Maddog" Gaylor. 177K
EMBRAER EMB-TXOP - Jet of combat single-seat from EMBRAER - BRAZIL Single-seat with advanced metallic leagues and material composites. Controls type "fly-by-wire", avionics of last generation, to pilot type "HOTAS" and active system for relief of aerodynamic gusts. Substitute airplane to F-5E and Mirage of FAB. Model for FS2002. FSDS design and texture by J R Lucariny. 573K
Flight Simulator 2002 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet Royal Australian Airforce (Ultimate Package) Part 2 "TEXTURES ONLY" Aircraft by: Dean Reimer and Textures by: Barry Magann This Package includes 2 textures of the RAAF F/A-18A Hornet of the "Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU)" 2.2MB
FS2002 ATF Lockheed (F-22 Concept) This is The original ATF modeled by lockheed is like The F117 witch have a V Wings with vectored thrust Includes full moving parts. Original air file by Dean Reimer edited By zahid Model Designed by Zahid Texture by Zahid sound by Jesse Wheeler panel by Eric Marciano Air File by Dean Reimer Design Program FSDS Pro. 2.63 MB
Hellenic Air Force fictional Display Team consisted of Mirage F1s. Models provided by Kirk Ollson. Thank you Kirk :o) At some point i hope i will include in this release a new cocpit i am working on. Nick Delhanidis. 1.6MB
FS2000/FS2002 T-45 Goshawk United States Navy. New air file optimized for carrier operations of the Boeing T-45 Goshawk. Included also procedures for carrier operations. Model and Red Arrow textures by Mikko Maliniemi and Owen Hewitt, the US Navy by Justin Lamb, air file by Benoit M. Dube. 4.2MB
FAB C-295 - EADS CASA - SPAIN - MILITARY TRANSPORT - FS2002 Model: FAB - BRASIL - designer and texture JRLucariny C-295 CASA Aircraft for logistic and tactical transport, transport and launching of loads and troops, air medical evacuation, maritime patrol, humanitarian missions and others. Efficient, versatile and robust, the C-295 is a tool important for the Armed Forces, being capable to carry through any mission. 2.1MB
Replacement Smoke for FS2002 "Red Arrows" Display Team Full Package available here. These files will add RAINBOW SMOKE to the 9 plane Red Arrow formation. Submitted by: Erik Pollard. 66K
FS2002 PRO Lockheed P-3C Orion Royal Australian Air Force Form 11th Squardron. Based on Orion A9-664 in two paint skeems. Features include, Opening Torpedo bay ,Working Panel, Open cabin door And all new Sound file Aircraft By : Adrian Brausch. And Textures By : Barry Magann. 7.9MB