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Military Page 32
United States Air Force F-15C Eagle. Aircraft Designer: Kimitaka Nishida Repainted textures: Andrew Frey. 803K
JASDF F-15J EAGLE 204 Squadron. GMAX designed. Author: Kimitaka Nishida. 1.2MB
Lockheed T33 A Portuguese Air Force. Original Visual Model by Massimo Taccoli, Air File by Bruce Thorson Repaint by Miguel Teodoro. 1.5MB
Lockheed P-3P Orion Portuguese Air Force. Original Visual Model by Kirk Olsson. This aircraft comes with full moving parts (landing gear, nose wheel, all control surfaces, airbrake, and pilothead), it is a detail model of the P-3C Orion. Aircraft made with FS Design Studio Pro. Repaint by Miguel Teodoro. 2.8MB
FS2002 Gloster Meteor F Mk 8 VZ494 of the Royal Air Force. This arcive contains an FSDS v2.10 update of Roger Hardy's original Gloster Meteor F Mk 8. The original aircraft is available at www.freeflightdesign.com. This version adds the new FSDS features such as aniamted undercarraige suspension and reflective textures. There is minimal changes to the original model apart from the addtion of 3-D gear bays. Please consult the original documentation for more info on the original (included). Also included is the FSDS2 Source file. FSDS v2.10 update to the original by David Friswell. 867K
FS2002 Pro Lockheed L-382G Hercules. UNITED NATIONS Inspection Team Aircraft. All New Ver6 Redesign with full moving parts, New Motion Sequences, FS8 Lighting package. New FS2002 Flight Dynamics etc. STD users can use this aircraft by changing the Panel to an Add-ON C130 Panel from many available on the Major FS Sites. Design by Barry Blaisdell, Paint by Bob May, Premier Aircraft Design. 565K
F-15C Florida Air National Guard,Jacksonville 125th Fighter Wing Original aircraft: Kimitaka Nishida Repainted by:Bud Engel. 1.4MB

FS2002 Aircraft: De Havilland DH100 Vampire F Mk 3 VF316 of the Royal Air Force. Author: Model & textures by Roger Hardy. FSDS v2.10 update to the original and 1% airfile by David Friswell. 811K

Update: This archive contains the Aircraft.cfg file that i had inadvertantly left out of the original archive. 5K

FS2002 EMBRAER SUPER TUCANO ALX (EMB-314) Paint of Embraer, prototype of the Super Toucan (ALX) and Super Toucan A-29. Airplane of light attack, light interception and advanced training, with cockpit of 4th generation. With mission of defense of Amaz˘nia, interception and to abate the small airplanes invaders (drug trafficker's airplane). Upgrade of the original model done by Denis da Silva (" / " spoiler opens the canopy). Model, texture and panel: Daniel da Silva. 1.7MB
Hercules C-130 L-100 FAP. Original by Adrian Brausch. Repainted by Alfonso Patron. 2.4MB