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FS2002 NORTH AMERICAN X-15. The North American X-15 was the first manned aircraft to cross the gap between the flight in the atmosphere and space flight. This model was created with FSDS2. Many hours of work were dedicated to the internal virtual cockpit and illumination effects. FSDS2 easily allows animated parts and so there are a lot, included opening canopy, moving pilot head, airbrakes, rocket flame, etc. The aerodynamic and the engine features are much different from other aircrafts. You can easily reach MACH 3.5 and high altitudes in seconds and still land quite easily. Simulated runway take-off. Custom gauges and sounds included in package.By Massimo Altieri. 4MB
FS2002 USAF Northrop F-5E Tiger II, "Walkuere" (fictional). Comes from Japanese comic "Reds in Blue". USAFE 36TFW 666TFTAS is a fictional aggressor squadron at Badenburg AFB, West Germany. Capt. Laura Linn is the heroine of this story. Model by Denis da Silva and Daniel da Silva. Repainted by Haruna Kurita, authorized by Toshio Kasahara. 1MB
FS2002 Focke-Wulf Ta-183. This file you see before you is the complete product of many months worth of work by many people. The Focke-Wulf Ta-183 was a late-war German jet designed to push back the allied advance toward the Rheine by destroying wave after wave of bomber with jet aircraft. Before they could fly, the war ended. Several in-progress models were captured by advancing Russians and taken back to Moscow. After several years, they re-appeared; as the MiG-15! This model is made entirely in gmax, features reflective textures, has a highly detailed panel, and pretty realistic air file created with minimal available information.. 2.2MB
FS2002 North American F-86A "Sabre" USAF. The North American F-86A "Sabre" was the USAF's first swept-wing fighter making its first flight on Oct. 1, 1947. The first production model flew on May 20, 1948, and on Sep 15, 1948, an F-86A set a new world speed record of 670.9 mph. MODEL Designed in FSDS by J R LUCARINY. 1MB

FS2002 DSBdesign Eurofighter Typhoon. The Eurofighter Typhoon represents the cutting edge in modern military combat aircraft for the 21st Century. Developed in conjunction with Eurofighter GmbH, we at DSB Design bring you by far the most accurate visual model of the Eurofighter Typhoon for any version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. In addition, our team have worked long and hard to accurately model the Flight Dynamics of this fast and nimble fighter aircraft, so that you can experience some of the high speed thrills that the Eurofighter test pilots often comment about. Single Seat & Twin Seat visual models with numerous weapons loadouts. Liveries for BAE Systems DA2, DA4 and IPA1 aircraft. Fictional liveries for No 17 Sqn. and No 29 Sqn. Royal Air Force as well as a fictional 'Tigermeet' scheme. Additional liveries for Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece. Automated afterburner effect with fully dynamic exhaust section, wing-tip contrails and gear mounted landing light system based on XML gauge programming. Custom panel by Eric De Best of Cockpits.nl with gauges by Johan Peeters of the I3D Design Group and Eric Marciano. Unique sounds by Mike Hambly and Peter Saveraux. Ten PREMIER quality texture sets by Paul Barry of DSB Design. Model by Dave Brice. See Readme for further credits. 16.2MB

See additional textures pack below & on many further pages

FS2004/2002 New Typhoon Afterburner Effects This is just some effects i set up for the DSB Eurofighter Typhoon, it gives it a better looking Afterburner effect. activated by Landing light(s) works in FS2002 dont know about FS2004 put together by kingsnkviper Original Lighting Creator Unknown. 97K
FS2002 Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet-A Portuguese Air Force. 3D model by: lco26, AIR file by: Benoit M. Dube et Sonny. XML Effects by JR,Night light Effect by Kaveh Payandeh Textures: Joćo Corredeira & Miguel Teodoro. 11.7MB
FS2002 JASDF Kawasaki T-4 v2 with virtual cockpit added. A blue impulse, a red dolphin, and seven kinds were drawn from the kind of color variation of T-4 which is a Japanese middle class jet trainer. Repainted by Hiroaki Kubota (general purpose color) and Masatoshi Higake (red dolphin). Model By Daisuke Yamamoto. 3.9MB
FS2002 SAAB JA37 VIGGEN. This aircraft is an interception and the ground offensive fighter of a Swedish air force. It was developed from the idea of defending the home country having been placed by both camps in east and west at the cold war following SAAB Doraken. It is still used as a main force machine though JAS39 Gripen has been decided to succeed the back. Mr. Gregor C. Gebel's panel and gauges for JA37 Viggen is included in this file. by Kazunori Ito. 1.8MB
FS2002 Bombardier C-21 USAF 403rd wing, Keesler AFB. Based on actual aircraft in the USAF 403rd wing based at Keesler in South Mississippi. This is a repaint of the FFG C-21. Paint by:Matthew Walker. 3.4MB

FS2002 6 Texture Pack for Eurofighter Typhoon. Requires aircraft by DSB Design (typhn_11.zip - above). Six new texture sets with fictional liveries for 11 Sqn and 111 Sqn RAF, JG74 and JBG31 Luftwaffe, Austrian AF and USAF. Textures by Paul Barry DSB Design. 1.9MB