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FS2002 Mitsubishi F-104J Starfighter JASDF, 682, 203rd Squadron. On November of 1960, the Japanese government announced that it would acquire the Starfighter as its standard air superiority fighter. By: Kazunori Ito, Simone Prattico', Erick Cantu, JR, Manolo Machuca Medina, Jim Johnson, Gianfranco Michele. (requires Concorde.gau - here if needed) 7.2MB
FS2002, CFS2 Fuerza Aérea Colombiana Lockheed T-33A "Shooting Star" The Colombian Air Force started to bought this aircraft in 1954, giving this way the begining to the "Jet Age in Colombia". Fact that wasn't by luck, but as an result of an careful process. The 3D model was realized with the FSDS, completely animated. Designer of the Massimo Taccoli plane. Web http://www.maxtac.it Air and panel of Bruce Thorson. Repinted by Eduardo Fadul. 1MB
FS2002/CFS2 EMB-312 AT-27 Tucano Colombian Air Force The Colombian air Force bought 14 AT-27 Tucano in 1991, this aircraft is doing right now COIN missions and training the colombian military combat pilots, the Tucano is in CACOM 2. This zip has two different models, one is with only one pilot and is clear, the other one has two pilots and the guns. The dp and weapons are included. Texture and modifications by Eduardo Fadul Model by Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva. 850K
FS2002 / CFS2 - Mirage 5COAM Colombian Air Force The Colombian Air Force Mirage 5COAM, version update of the Mirage 5 original, was modified in 1989 with the support of the IAI company. Designed by : Denis da Silva y Daniel da Silva Repainted by : Eduardo Fadul. 689K
FS2002 - CFS 2 Colombian Air Force Kfir C7. The Kfir since their arrival were destinated to the Palanquero Base, in which those have been operating without interruption. Those have been used in almost all the operations that the FAC has made and also those are the custodies of the national soberanity. Designed by: Denis da Silva and Daniel da Silva. - Brasil Repainted by: Eduardo Fadul. 720K
FS2002/CFS2 Fuerza Aérea Colombiana IA-58 Pucará. The Colombian Air Force, bought 3 IA-58 Pucará in 1989 by an especial agreement with the Argentina goverment. And from the begining those were destinated to the Air Combat Comand #2, in the west flats, for their operation, since where they have been operating, supporting the army unities. Airplane completely animated and with Dp for CFS2 DISEGNED BY: Ariel Cimino y Cherar Suarez REPAINTED BY: Eduardo Fadul. 1MB
FS2002/CFS2 Colombian Air Force F-86F Sabre. The Colombian Air Force bought inicialy in 1956, 6 Mark IV of Canadair, with Orenda 14 engine, and number plate since the Fac 2021 to the 2026. In 1963 and under the system MAP, bought 4 Sabre, F-86F unities, of the North American of EE.UU:, with reactors J47-Ge-27, with number plates Fac 2027 a 2030. It was the first supersonic aircraft of combat of the Fac. From the begining all were destinated to Palanquero. It arrived to the Fac in 1956 and it was took off in 1971. Completely animated and with Dp, to CFS2. Designer: Hayden Scott-Williams Repaint: Eduardo Fadul. 754K
FS2002 / CFS2 - F-80C Shooting Star Colombian Air Force The Colombian Air Force bought 17 F-80C. They was services with the T-33 and RT-33. Designer: Massimo Taccoli Repaint by: Eduardo Fadul. 1.2MB
FS2002 Pro Lockheed MC-130P Shadow - US Air Force Tail Number 4852. The MC-130P Combat Shadow primarily flies its single- or multi-ship missions at night to reduce detection and intercept by airborne threats. STD users can fly this plane by replacing the panel with a 3rd party C130 panel. Design by Barry Blaisdell. 328K
FS2002 / CFS2 - Mirage 5CODM Colombian Air Force The Colombian Air Force have 3 Mirage 5 CODM. Designed by : Denis da Silva y Daniel da Silva. Repainted by : Eduardo Fadul. 691K
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