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Military Page 46
FS2002 A-4 Skyhawk Flight Dynamics & Panel Upgrade Flight dynamics have been designed and tested using the A-4A and A-4B Skyhawk and an A-4M Skyhawk II, and should work fine on other Skyhawk models also. Skyhawks can be found at the following FS2002 Military pages 3,6,10,13,14,23,26,30,35 and 36 (see site map for easy access to these pages) (as of July 2003). Experience with Windows Notepad and sections of aircraft.cfg is recommended for this install. Upgrades By Gary Morrow. 3.6MB
FS2002 F-16C FIGHTING FALCON: THE COMPLETE PACKAGE This package brings together some of the best designs for military aviators, including, Aircraft, Enhanced panel, Real F-16 sound andRocket Effects for a great experience! By some of the best designers around.CREDITS: Giuseppe Chiacchietta: F-16C Paolo Trabucco: Textures B.Engel: Repaint Peeters Johan: Original Panel Eric Marciano: Custom Gauges Jesse Wheeler: REAL F-16 Sound Mike Fitzgarald: Rocket Effects Al Fischer: Tail Art, Modified .air/.cfg files, Package Assembly. 6.8MB.
FS2002/4 UNS McDonald Douglas F4-II Phantom. The F-4 Phantom II was a twin-engine, all-weather, fighter-bomber. The aircraft could perform three tactical air roles air superiority, in terdiction and close air support as it did in southeast Asia. First flown in May 1958, the Phantom II originally was developed for U.S. Navy fleet defense and entered service in 1961.Powerplant: two 17,900-lb afterburning thrust GE J79-GE-17 Designed by: Rey Lopez. 2.7MB
FS2002 Textures only set ALPHASIM Lockheed\Martin C-130H (PAYWARE) Pt1. & E Royal Australian Airforce TEXTURES. Part 1. This containes Textures of the Alphasim C-130 Hercules. Based on the RAAF C-130 of 36 and 37 Squadrons. Payware aircraft required. A total of 6 textures This File comes in Six parts! Due to Upload size. All Textureing By Barry Magann. 3.2MB. Pt.2. 3.2MB, pt.3 3.1MB, Pt.4 3.1MB, Pt.5, 3.1MB, Pt.6. 3.1MB
FS2002 X-35B Lockheed JSF. Joint Strike Fighter developed for the US/UK Airforces. Fully animated sufaces and doors. Basic textures. Includes custom panel based on current test bed, plus v cockpit with HUD. Supersonic VSTOL .AIR file. Colin Thwaites 4.7MB
FS2002 C-130 (Hercules) Securite Civile, France. .Aircraft. More realistic repaint from the Securite Civile version from the French C-130. You need also "French_C-130.zip" (above) . Original aircraft by Hauger Fredo, repaint by Jean-Marc MANGIAVACCA. 1MB
Version 3 Afterburner effects for FS2002 FSD T-38A Talon(must have the aircraft!) Easy to use with your afterburner key... Replace prev. "TburnV2.zip". New version adds XML control of flaptip and wingtip vortices, and dynamic jet-smoke control using "percent N2". Adds new afterburner flame w/new panel indicator. Adds runway tire marks w/"chirp" sound. Installation is safe and easy. Folder stucture for an extra "TestBed" Talon included for safe testing of effects, and .cfg info for an optional speed increase(Mach 1.5). D/L compiled by Jan Rosenberg/aka"JR". 180K
New twin jet sound for FS2002 FSD T-38A Talon (must have this aircraft!) using edited MS default FS2002/CFS3 waves with revised "sound.cfg" parameters. Quiet "electro-mechanical" sound in cockpit is matched to engine RPM to give good audio feedback of throttle setting, especially handy on final approach. The new "wind" noise in the cockpit increases in pitch & volume in direct relation to airspeed, giving a sense of increasing velocity. Max volume/pitch of the wind noise is adjustable within sound.cfg. External sounds are "military" and a little loud. Folder structure of extra "TestBed" FSD T38 included for safe testing of effects and .cfg file info for an optional speed increase(Mach 1.5). D/L compiled by Jan Rosenberg/aka"JR"/aka"I.Candymaker". 3MB

FS2002 Cessna T37/A37 Tweet. . The T-37 Tweet is a twin-engine jet used for training undergraduate pilots, undergraduate navigator and tactical navigator students in fundamentals of aircraft handling, and instrument, formation and night flying. The twin engines and flying characteristics of the T-37 give student pilots the feel for handling the larger, faster T-38 Talon or T-1A Jayhawk later in the undergraduate pilot training course. The instructor and student sit side by side for more effective training. The cockpit has dual controls, ejection seats and a clamshell-type canopy that can be jettisoned. The T-37 has a hydraulically operated speed brakes, tricycle landing gear and a steerable nose wheel. Six rubber-cell, interconnected fuel tanks in each wing feed the main tank in the fuselage. 8.6MB
FS2002 Rockwell OV-10 Bronco of the Venezuelan Air Force G.A.O.E 15 De Operaciones Especiales. Design by Tim Piglet Conrad, repaint by Daniel Borrego. 1.2MB
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