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FS2002 Spanish Airforce C130 of the 31st transport air wing. In Euro "Lagarto" Camouflage. Designer: Barry Blaisdell. Original textures by Maximos Sevastopoulos, Repainted by Javier Montes. 3.5MB

FS2002 Su-27XS Package. -FS2002/2004 Sukhoi Su-27XS Flanker - Su-27 Complete Flanker package. Authentic panel and revised flight dynamics by Ashwyn Fonseca, Aircraft created by by Daniel&Denis Da Silva, Sound by Skysong, original panel by Johan Peeters . 12.5MB

Update: Fixes some reported bugs. 11K

FS 2002/2004 Lockheed Martin F-16 ROC (Taiwan) AF Aggressor Textures. This is a repaint of the fabulous F-16 created by Kirk Olsson in the livery of 46th Fighter Squadron, ROC (Taiwan) Air Force. This fictitious "new bandit air superiority" scheme is based on China's new J-10 fighters. Olsson's original module (usviper.zip) is required here . Original module and textures by Kirk Olsson. Texture repaint by Mike Huang. 4MB
Updated FS2002 MPAT. A jet powered Multi-purpose Attack Transport,Developed for the USMC for the purpose of inserting and extracting Force Recon Units from any situation.Equiped with Two 250lb dumb bombs,Six air to surface rockets and four 50cals on the wings plus a 30mm tank buster on the bottom. Designed by Ric Lopez. 641K
FS2002 P-3 Orion Spanish Airforce, of the 22nd Air Wing. Armed with antiship missiles and full moving parts. Aircraft created by Kirk Olsson. Repainted by Javier Montes. 1.8MB
FS2002 EF-18B Spanish Air Force 12 Fighter Wing "Tenis". This is the two-seat version of the F-18 Created by Dean Reimer, Repainted by Javier Montes. 2MB
FS2002/CFS2 RF-101C Voodoo This is a completely re-textured and re-skinned version of an old Alphasim model, giving the aircraft a new, realistic look. This is a considerably revamped version of my previous Voodoo, utilizing completely new textures thus greatly improving its appearance. Aircraft included. Textures by Marc Czygan. 3.3MB
FS2002 Spanish Air Force Mirage III. The Mirage III was retired and some put to reserve at the start of the 21st century by the Spanish Air Force. Full moving parts and very agile. Original model by Denis e Daniel da Silva, repainted by Javier Montes. 726K
FS 2002 Aeritalia Aermacchi Embraer AMX textures only. AMX of Aeronautica Militare Italiana, operating in 103° Gruppo,51°Stormo. Requires Full Embraer_AMX by Denis & Daniel da Silva (here). Repaint by Alessandro Mascardi. 680K
FS2004/2002/CFS2 KA-3B Skywarrior Tanker. Skywarrior Biggest and heaviest aircraft ever designed for routine use from an aircraft carrier, the Skywarrior was the Navy's first twin-jet nuclear bomber and has been in service for over twenty years designed with cfs2 in mind, but should work in other sims by Rey Lopez and Bruce Baker. 2.7MB
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