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FS2000 / FS 2002 Volkswagen, different paints Swiss rescue scene ground vehicles. Kapo, Rettungsdienst, Ambulanza, executive white & Feuerwehr. Just for fun (give stuff on RWY & taxiways) or for use with FSTraffic. Consult README file before Install! Usable on FS2000 and FS2002. Original by Christian Friedrich, repaint by Pascal Küffer. 2.1MB
Virtual United Express / Code Share Partners CSL Upgrade for United Code Share Partners CSL This upgrade requires the above listed CSL package to already be installed. (previous page) 754K

FS2002 Inflatable Boat. My First Real FSDS V2 Model. Why a Boat, you may ask. Well Just for the fun of it, to be able to ride the waves in FS and i don't think there another Inflatable created for FS. Enjoy By Pedro Caldeira. 1.7MB
FS 2002 Traffic Maker V 1.0 This program allows to create AI Flights more easier. Just fill in the gaps and the programm (written in Visual Basic) does the rest. !! requires Traffic Tools (here)!! Version in German! Infos: http://www.fly2002.at.tt Simon Hötzinger. 1.3MB
HM Bark Endeavour "Craft" for FS2002. All new GMAX models for FS2002. Includes Endeavour under sail and with furled sails. Self installing package includes some prepared flights. Animated rudder, tiller, wheel, anchor and mooring lines. Intended as "moving scenery" (sails a bit quick). Includes a simple panel file to enable steerage. Also with appropriate sound file. By Mike Hill. 2MB
BA777 UAE & QATAR AI TRAFIC PACKAGE Contains flights from London Heathrow to airports in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) & QATAR Including: Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi. All flights start from the UAE or QATAR airport and fly to London. All flights repeat after 24 hrs as in real life. 17K
Fs2002 Smoke System Includes install files and readme docs. By Saad Ahmad. 100K
Dynamic Turbo-smoke effect for FS2002. Not just another smoke download: this has dynamic vortex effects and thrust vectoring. Smoke is very light and the "trail" is short. XML gauge control by "percent N1" is adjustable. Effects for three default aircraft included: C208 Amphibian, C208B Caravan, and the KingAir 350. A "Workshop" for adapting this effect to other aircraft is also included. NOT YET TESTED IN FS2004. By Jan Rosenberg. 171K
FS2002 XML Gauge "Eye Candy" Version 2. Radial engine exhaust flame and start-up smoke effects for the default CFS2 F4U1A CORSAIR, F6F3 HELLCAT, and F4F4 WILDCAT imported into FS2002. Includes wing and flap vortices, FS2002 exterior/night VC lighting, and touchdown tiremarks with external "chirp" sound. Will NOT work in CFS2. NOT TESTED IN FS2004. Effects are controlled by XML gauges automatically. Easy manual installation with all new filenames. By Jan Rosenberg. 78K
FS2002 AIRCRAFT DAMAGE Files. CFG & AIR files. This file will add bigger and cooler crash effects to any aircraft. As always BACK UP YOUR ORIGINALS before installing these files! By Saad Ahmad. 228K
FS2002 Hooter's Air VA CSL FS2002 Hooter's Air VA CSL files. Adds the Hooters Air VA Logo to servinfo. Add Hooter's Air VA aircraft to Squawkbox aircraft dropdown box. And makes Hooter's Air VA textures visible while flying on Vatsim. Read the included readme.txt for install instructions. CSL Repaints by Dan McMahan. 175K
Version7 : CrashBak 7 : NEW FEATURES*** 1. NEW! Backup/Restore fs9.cfg and fs2002.cfg. 2. NEW! Enable/Disable opening screen in fs2k2/4. 3. NEW! Button to start Fs2k2/4. 4. NEW! Mode button to change betwween Fs2k2/4. 5. Rebuild list back to normal. 6. Now works if Fs2k2/4 installed in non-default or multipal folders. 7. Backups of fs2002.cfg/fs9.cfg on first open.(if not already backed up) FREE features: 1. Enable / disable Aircraft breakage for any aircraft in FS2002. 2. Back Up created Automatically before any changes are made. 3. Restore any Aircraft with a single click. 4. Rebuild list button after adding / removing aircraft to insure functionality. 5. Detailed information with Aircraft Name, Manufacturer, Model, Total Number of Aircraft, crash damage and backup status. 6. Select aircraft from easy list rather than cryptic folder names to choose and edit aircraft.cfg files. 2.4MB
FS2002 Flying Sub (From the movie 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea') For CFS2,FS2002 PLEASE SEE README Has animations.Top hatch opens as canopy, use folding wings to operate the two rear hatches,and tailhook to operate the bottom hatch.I'm still improving on this as I learn more,this a work in progress. Uses CFS2 gauges. Models and original textures copyright(c)2003 by Ronnie Lee Pendergraft. 1MB
FS2002 BD-5 Cheap Trick jet-----This is a repaint of kmj's BD-5 in cheap trick colors. It includes kmj's original panel,model,and sound. Trace Lewis. 976K
FS2004 and FS2002 EFFECTS: MASSIVE CRASH 2 THE CRASH IS BACK. This is an all new version with a larger BANG than ever! Like the first version, Massive Crash 2 is an enhancement of the default files that control visual crash effects. It generates and depicts a larger scale and intensity of crash based on the aircraft being used and physics involved with each individual crash situation. It requires crash damage detection be enabled in Flight Simulator and a visual damage line edited into the aircraft configuration files for the planes you wish the enhanced effects to function with. Comes complete with simple instructions. By Nick Needham. 653K
FS2004/FS2002 Stargate Goa'uld Death Glider 2, Heru Class. This is the newest Death Glider, Version 2, and is the one seen in the series Stargate SG1. This is a fully functioning and elaborate model of the second level Death Glider two passenger alien fighter. It features pilots, opening canopy, retracting transport rings, glowing Zatt cannons, a virtual cockpit, revamped air.file for smoother flights, and incredible speeds up to Mach 4.64. Its landing gear is a magnetic hover field like in the original movie. This model now features a Virtual cockpit for more realistic flying. This captured alien craft is extremely fun to fly and visually impressive. Created by William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd. Thanks to MGM for Stargate, a superb Movie and Series. (Please read the 'Read Me' file before flight, Important). Please select 'Unlimited Fuel' in your aircrafts realism settings. 1.9MB